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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 1

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By Marty Chan

The dragon was mad that Kyle had done that and he magicked him away never to be seen again. Also the dragon granted Hailey’s wish and brought her grandfather back to life. They enjoyed going back to the restaurant to try new foods.

Unfortunately, when Hailey went back to school, she did not have a best friend to play with, so she felt lonely and sat on the bench.

Just then she heard a voice, one she had never heard before, that said: “My name is Melody, do you want to play hide and seek?”

And from then on Hailey and Melody were best friends.

Sep 05

hailey would wish her wish then kyle touched the dragons sharp fin.he got hurt. then the dragon was not alive anymore.kyle went home and bandaged his cut.the end.

Sep 04

The dragon stretched as if it has woken up from a long sleep. As he looked at me, like i was his savior or something. Then he started to talk! Kyle and I started gagging at it, like it was a tornado ready to swipe us. It said “hello hailey, what a pleasure to see you.” “H-how did you know my name?” “Oh hailey, i have always seen you when you visited. i have seen that your wishes were not of greed, but a wish that might improve your future.” Then Kyle blushed. I knew the exact reason why.The dragon kept talking. “Hailey, i have heard wishes like the one you did only several times before. it is the one that is hard to succeed. but i will tell you one thing. your grandfather was a good man. you love him, don’t you? he will be always in your heart. nothing can break the love you have for him.”…

Sep 03

the dragon was mad at Kyle for making such a selfish wish that he ate him up. and Hailey made a wish to see her grandpa and then she saw her grandpa … TO BE CONTINUED.

Aug 30

The dragon calmed down when he saw Me

The End

Aug 30

then hailey will wish for his grandpa, turns out dragon was the grandpa!

Aug 29

He is going fire 🔥 everybody

Aug 28

i think that the dragon became his friend in the end and before that he had a bit of trouble

Aug 28

The jade dragon crept towards me and his eyes flared like a fire. He blew green fire!

Aug 27

i got so freaked out i heard a dragon roar ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 27

the dragon roared so loud that their ran so fast and screamed almost as loud as the dragon !!!

Aug 26

“ROAR” said the dragon.

Aug 24

it roared a mighty roar and greeted the children

Aug 24

It gobbled up Kyle and Hailey! “Mmmmmm……. delicious. Maybe I’ll have some milk with that.” The dragon exclaimed delighted as he flew out of Kyles home, in Paris, of to the states. Luckily I live in Canada.

Aug 23

Kyle will start running away

Aug 23

he said hello!

Aug 23

yes yes the will be good to find the boy

Aug 23

It roared a mighty roar!

Aug 23

were are the dragon??

Aug 22

i infer that the dragon will be very friendly and will be a very good friend to the boy

Aug 20
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