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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 1

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By Marty Chan

they scream

Aug 12

The dragon is gonna try to stop the people from tearing apart its pedestal and take Hailey for a ride to visit her grandpa one last time :)

Aug 12

The dragon eats them

Aug 12

the boy made a wish to make the dragon alive.

Aug 12

i thik grampa wong comes back to live

Aug 11

It came because of the boys wish maybe to save the last dragon.

Aug 11

The dragon is going to eat him! Or he might keep it for a pet and he might be happy with it.

Aug 11

the dragon saved the gate from people diging the tunnel for the subway and the gate was safe.

Aug 11

It flies away

Aug 11

The Dragon is grandpa’s spirit there to help the boys on their adventure!!

Aug 10

How ever gets it right

Aug 10

The dragon fought me with his fire breath

Aug 10

This book is really weird because it has the kids putting their hands in the dragons mouth

Aug 10

The dragon is magical and leads the boys to a strange place.

Aug 09

the dragon destroys the constuction crew with the machines and the workers get to scared to brake it down

Aug 08

I think the dragon helps the boys through the journey

Aug 08
The dragon took Kyle and Hailey to see Haileys grandpa in a mysterious land called “Never Where”. Where there are bunnies who have wings and there are pigs who are green. They go on a advancher where they can explore the amazing land of the Never Where.
Aug 08

the dragon looked at them with sleepy eyes he spoke you broke the spell !The children said nothing for they were too shocked !They never saw a real alive jade dragon in their life! Now that you have set me free i will tell you,your grandpa Wong ,he will last for three more years said the dragon in a mity rich voice .Clime on my back and hold on tight! Were going to a graveyard and it’s the spookiest one ever!

Aug 08

the dragon chases the people just because it wants to be friends with hailey and her friend and gets sad after

Aug 08

The friendly dragon offered them: ·A ride to anywhere in the world with anyone of their choice ·An unlimited amount of wishes that would come true ·Anything that they truely needed

Aug 08
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