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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 2

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By Marty Chan

Hailey’s grandpa AND the dragon showed up and made the teens give back the bike!

Aug 30

They saw the dragon behind Hailey, Kyle and Zak. They gasped and they began to run. They ran for their life and forgot to take the bike. After the teen boys ran the dragon hid. Then Hailey realized that the dragon helped her.

Aug 24

they saw the police

Aug 23

The boys saw the dragon an run away, leaving the bikes with Hailey and Kyle.

Aug 20

As they look around they see the dragon infront of them.The bullies rush to get away leaving the bikes behind.Kyle hides behind Hailey as they stare in wonder at the magestic creature.Hailey says hello quietly and the dragon say helllo too.Kyle slowly starts to move away and Hailey stops him.The dragon says its nervous and doesn’t want to eat them.They soon become good friends.

Aug 20

the dragon helps them get there bikes

Aug 19

they slowly turn around and stared right into the face of the dragon and then something magnificent happens and the dragon croaked who is disturbing my friends the boys knees turned to jelly and they managed to say hey Mr.dragon we were just playing and the dragon croaked again in his magnificent voice good but i think it is time to go and i don’t think my friends like it very much and the boys took off as fast as they could without looking back and the younger boys stared at the dragon in shock and he croaked in his loud voice haven’t you ever seen a talking dragon in your life but the boys just stared awestruck TO BE CONTINUED…

Aug 17

The teens were running at top speed and got stuck in a trap.The dragon thought for a moment and then let them stay there without being eaten but took their clothes and letthem be completly naked!

Aug 17

The dragon scared the teens away in a flash.

Aug 17

It was the dragon!The teens got so scared they dropped our bike and ran for their lives and we got our bikes back.

Aug 16

the dragon was behind them!

Aug 15

I think that the dragon was spying on them

Aug 14

I think the dragon was behind them

Aug 12

The dragon was immensely STARIN at em

Aug 12

the dragon was behind them.

Aug 11

I think the dragon’s going to come out and save them from the bullies and get the bike back.

Aug 11

The dragon scares the bullies away

Aug 09

The dragon was behind them, and breathed fire all over their faces, and into their mouthes, because they were open.

Aug 09

The dragon was behind the boys and chased the bullies away.

Aug 09

The dragon glaired at them

Aug 08
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