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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 2

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By Marty Chan

the dragon shows up in a nick of time and scares away the teens

Jul 25

They fell of and kyle got his bike back.

Jul 25

Teens saw the dragon coming towards them.

Jul 24

The dragon scared of the teens.

Jul 23

I don’t know but the teens should die am i right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Dieteens

Jul 22

the dragon comes and scares the teens away and they get the bikes back

Jul 22

The dragon scared away the teens and flew off again.

Jul 22

the dragon eats the teens

Jul 22

they saw the dragon and all of the teens ran

Jul 22

The dragon scared the teens and Hailey and her friend thanked the dragon and rode happily

Jul 21

I think the teens saw the dragon and the dragon going to chase them away

Jul 21

They were sooo scared and so impressed!

Jul 21

the teens looked behind Haley and Kyle they droped the bikes and ran away and then the dragon became friends the end

Jul 21

The teens turned around, saw the dragon and the dragon looked angry. The dragon was breathing fire and scared the teens off.

Jul 20

Hailey turns and sees the dragon and then the bullies run off and they get their bikes back.

Jul 20

Hailey and Kyle turned around and saw the dragon. The dragon looked angry, but he wasn’t looking at Hailey and Kyle, he was looking at the two teens. Smoke started steaming out of the dragon’s nose. The two teens screamed, dropped the bikes, and ran away. Once Zak and his friend were out of sight, the dragon looked at at Hailey and Kyle, but not angerly. A sympathetic look almost. “Wow, that was awesome!”, Kyle exclaimed. “Thank you so much.”, Hailey said. The dragon did something like a bow and mysteriously disappeared. Hailey jumped on her bike and started pedaling away. “Where are you going?”, Kyle cried. “To find that dragon!”, Hailey shouted.

Jul 20

they fell and gasped

Jul 20

The teens saw the dragon and droped the bikes and ran away

Jul 19

The dragon comes and the teenagers run away.

Jul 19

The Dragon attacks the teenagers and steals the bike and rides it

Jul 19
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