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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 3

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By Marty Chan

They are going to hide her at the forest so no body can see her and kill her.

Aug 02

The are going to hide her in the garage

Aug 01

Maybe they hid her in the Edmonton Chinese place thing?

Aug 01

they are going to find a …..

Aug 01

I will just need to get a back pack for dragons Zhu replied .” I will just need to find that but I think that’s a bit crazy of an idea Zhu .”I think its an extraordinary idea boys we just have to go to the shop buy a giant backpack and I go in it. I want more lemon gummy worms so lets do that to ! “ Okay Zhu lets go said the boys . they went to the store and got both things needed and the dragon was safe .

Aug 01

Zhu tells them to hide her into their chimney.

Aug 01

They are going to find something to hide her in.

Jul 31

They are going to go find some place to hide her.

Jul 31

I think Zhu hide at the cloud so no one can find her

Jul 30

Zhu make something magical and gone inside

Jul 28

The dragon says the kids can fly on her back

Jul 28

I think the dragon hide at the cloud so no one can find her

Jul 27

zhu will fly up into the clouds so one her.

Jul 27

Zhu tells them to hop on her back “come on, don’t be afraid”. Zhu flies them to her magical cave.

Jul 27

Kyle and Hailey are going to cover the dragon with gummy worms!!!!🦄🐲🐍

Jul 26

Toss a candy in her mouth

Jul 26

zhu scare meane bullies. bullis go bye bye

nano but

Jul 26

bla bla bla, zhu’s idea fails, bla bla bla, They decided that it might be good for people to see the dragon to help them understand that every creature, big or small, always has kindness in them. Yet, when they walk home, they expect stares, but get none. Zhu decides to face a random person walking in the street. Before Hailey and Kyle can stop her, there she was, face right in front of someone random, almost drooling on him. He makes absoulutly NO movement at all. Only Hailey and Kyle could see her! TO BE CONTINUED…

BTW, I actually wrote that thing over these words just to get likes. I normally strongly dislike tiring my fingers for some reason whatsoever. so, like, please like this dude

BTWW, I am a girl and i am pretty awesomely cool. catch you lats

Jul 26

zhu is gonna make a magic bottle and go inside.

Jul 26

Zhu can turn inivisible or do something magical

Jul 26
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