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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 4

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By Marty Chan

Kyle took a umbrella and used it to save Zhu.

Aug 17

“I’ll save her” Kyle said heroically. Kyle quickly ran to Zhu… and then tripped on a rock. “On second thought you should go save her” Kyle said trying to weakly get up. “OK” I thought. “Here I go” I ran to Zhu, telling her to get off the track. The train was coming closer and closer. I wasn’t going to make it! I thought the train was going to hit her, but instead of hitting Zhu, the train just stopped. Zhu touched the train, and it magically turned into a DRAGON! Kyle and I were speechless …

Aug 15

They are going to pull her tail back and block her way to get her off the tracks.

Aug 11

the cildren see and think Zhu s going to be crushed but she tunes in to water

Aug 08

I think that Zhu will quickly find out that the train is not a dragon and dive out of the way in time.I also think that Zhu will be upset because thair is no other dragon.

Aug 07

another dragon appears

Aug 06

She stopped the train, opened the door and found another Dragon.

Aug 04

I do not know.

Aug 04

Kyle jumped on the Zhu and got her away Just in time before the train hit her

Aug 03

Ushe will p

Aug 02

Ushe will p

Aug 02

Maybe the train or a dragon comes at lightning speed to Zhu?

Aug 01

The trains are coming.

Jul 31

zhu said kyle its not a real dragon then zhu runned fast to the train trailer and pulled her out when kyle touch the dragon it poped like water when the trian is close to kyle then zhu jumped and push her of the train track.

Jul 30

Kyle said take your shoe down

Jul 29

The train turns into a dragon and joins Zhu, Kyle, and Hailey on their journey.

Jul 28

kyle will shout zhu that he has gummy worms and then zhu will come and get off the tracks when the train was about to hit her.

Jul 28

Zhu well come and push the Dragon off with him and run away

Jul 27

Zhu figured out what the sound was.

Jul 26

Quick quick get her off the tracks

Jul 26
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