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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 4

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By Marty Chan

They push her off the tracks just in time in slow motion, but the Zhu’s tail is ran over!

Jul 16

Zhu disappears in the distance an the kids pedal as fast and as far as they could ever reached and called for Zhu…………(to be continued!)

Jul 16

They tell her to get off but she doesn’t listen so they pull her tail and in hurt she fly’s away in the air.

Jul 16

I think Kyle and Haliey will try to pull Zhu off the tracks, but Zhu wouldn’t listen and stay there, because she knows what she is doing.

Jul 16

They beg her to come off the track, unfortunately it doesn’t work. They try luring her with gummies and she sprang towards them.

Jul 16

They will have to tell her to get out of the track

Jul 15

they try to lure her off the tracks with gummi worms

Jul 15

they haft to get her off of the train tracks before she gets hit and they haft to do it fast

Jul 15

She will go right away she is not the same person e the to the quote pyramids of a great country

Jul 15

they yelled at her but she didn’t move then Hailey said maybe she actually did here another dragon.

Jul 15

kyle finds out that there is another dragon.

Jul 15

Kyle’s friend took a candy worm and the dragon came off the tracks and she ate the candy.

Jul 14

Maybe the dragon will get off on its own or maybe the children will get it off.

Jul 13

the other dragon is found…

Jul 13

she is going to die

Jul 12

they have to tell her to get off the tracks…

Jul 12

I think the train will go right though her because she turned her body into water!

Jul 12

They have to tell her to get off the tracks

Jul 12

As Kyle and Hailey try to save her, Zhu thinks there is another dragon on board the train. She hops into one of the carts and comes back out holding a baby water dragon in her teeth.

Jul 12

Kyle was unable to get to Zhu ontime to get her off the track before the train reached her

Jul 12
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