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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 4

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By Marty Chan

She flies to safety.

Jul 12

they couldn’t get the dragon away so the train killed Zhu

Jul 11

We pedaled as fast as we could but we couldn’t get him.So we took another shortcut and got Zhu.He cried, “Leave me!I heard another dragon like me!”. “That is just a train!It is not a dragon!!”Kyle told Zhu. “Oh!I didn’t know that!!”said Zhu. “That is okay!”I said.

Jul 11

The treib transformed in to a dragon

Jul 10

The train heads straight for Zhu, and before Hailey or Kyle can move a muscle, it hits runs her over. Hailey and Kyle run to the spot where Zhu was seconds before to see a small puddle of water on the tracks. The water then takes the shape of Zhu. She explains to Kyle and Hailey that she thought the train (by it’s sound) was another dragon and that she transformed into water just as the train was about to hit, realizing it was not what it had seemed to be. She then asks if there are many dangerous things in their world like the train. Kyle and Hailey explain to her what trains do and tell her she will be fine with them. They all then head to Hailey’s house (with Zhu gobbling more of Kyle’s gummy worms). ;)

Jul 10

Maybe, Zhu recognized the train when he appeared in Edmonton the driver of the train knew a secret that Zhu had to know so Zhu ran in the middle of the track to stop the train from going away.

Jul 10

Kyle and Hailey grab Zhu’s body and they also try to tell her that it’s not a dragon.

Jul 10

Why aren’t my kind here

Jul 10

Zhu sees the train is not a dragon and turns into water so it can pass

Jul 10

Maybe the dragon will eat all of the candy at once.

Jul 09

Their going to tempt Zhu off the tracks with gummys and tell her it’s not a dragon it’s a train.

Jul 09

“It’s a train!”

Jul 09

Zhu and Kyle fart poop on the train

Jul 09

their going to push and tell Zhu it’s not a dragon it’s a train

Jul 09

They Are going to push her off the track’s…

Jul 09

Zhu does get run over by a train but to Kyle and Haley’s surprise the dragon is fine.

Jul 08

They are going to go on the train tracks and tell her to go off the train tracks.

Jul 08

She is going to roar and the train will stop.

Jul 08

there going to follow the train to the next staition.

Jul 08

hailey and kyle think of a plan

Jul 07
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