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The Lost Dragon

Chapter 5

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By Marty Chan

Zhu eats all the candy they have

Jul 10

When they go to buy candy they don’t have the money to and then zhu start to get really upset and…

Jul 09

Maybe the kids will do something to the dragon.

Jul 09

They will ask her what other powers she has and the powers Zhu has will help her get back home.

Jul 09

I think Zhu gets really upset that she runs away

Jul 09

They go to the candy store which zhu loves and won’t come out. this may provide a problem.

Jul 08

they find gummys but bears instead of worms and zhu cries

Jul 08

zhu will make the clouds rain cuz shes sad

Jul 07

They will get her a gummy worm. They soon find a real dragon to help her get back home.

Jul 07

all of a sudden.. Zhu disappered!”We have to find her!”Haliey hollered. Then they were on the case.”Who want a sqishy worm?”called Kyle. She might be gone forever!

Jul 07

I think they will go to the candy store and then the dragon will eat all off the candy and then…

Jul 07

When they go to buy candy they don’t have the money to and then zhu start to get really upset and rain,tunder and a tornado start’s to happen!!!!😁😂😄😅😁😂😄😅😅😄😂😁😀😁😂😋☺😂😁😁😄😅

Jul 07

I think they are going to find a dragon for Zhu, then Zhu is going to help them get grandpa and help them find home, then they will help find Zhu’s home.

Jul 06

they see a trian the dragon comes and they kill the dragon

Jul 06

she gets her candy and became very happy and makes a rainbow

Jul 06

they snuck zhu into their room and poured him into a fish tank.

Jul 06

they give Zhu candy all the way and lead her to their house where they hide her from their parents

Jul 06

They find her more gummies and then Zhu is happier and can hear what is happening much better.

Jul 06

that the dragon is going to dress like a puppy and will ask for gummy worms…

Jul 05

they go and find a candy shop then when they get inside they look for candy that they want but zhu is not listening she is looking at a candy machine she thinks that it is one of her kindsand then she comes closer and she sees the way home so she trys to get inside but kyle and haily see her and they come closer and then they all get sucked inside and then when they open there eyes zhu crys my home im finally here then zhu turns around and cant find kyle and haily

Jul 05
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