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Chasing Geese

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he Got Lifted off the ground.

Aug 31

He Started to fly on his………..OWN kei coundnt belive thgat he was flying

Aug 26

He flew higher and higher into the air until he saw the International Space Station. Before he knew it he was soaring at lightning fast speed towards the ground. Passing the V of geese who were cheering at him. Then as smooth as can be Kei landed swiftly onto the pavement.

Aug 23


Aug 22

Kei started to fly. He was going faster and higher and he was getting ahead of the game, until he flew forward. Luckily he landed back on his skateboard and came first across the finish line. The geese stopped and flew to the ground and congratulated Kei on his amazing race.

Aug 21

kei was so excited!at the speed he is traveling, he whistle whistle whistle and the 7 geese started to fly even with kei and attach him to the V.

Aug 20

he got lifted off the ground and the seven geese flew him away into the clouds

Aug 19

he got Liftid off the ground .

Aug 18

He felt like he could not lose the geese and then the geese began to move faster and he followed along and after a while he feel like he is being lifted in air and he feels like he’s flying and then his face rushes through a cloud and then he screams and takes a deep breath and when he looked down and saw feathers and then said no wonder i can’t lose the geese i am with the geese and he wonders why are the geese helping him and then he realizes that the geese helping him are the runts of the pack and then he grins and lets the sky pass by

Aug 17

He got lifted off the ground

Aug 17

Kei skateboarded as fast as the 7 geese. Kei followed the geese and saw baby geese in a nest. He came closer and he wanted to stay there.

Aug 17

He got lifted off the ground

Aug 16

there was chocolate everywhere so he started eating them all. He got full now, then walked and all his dreams came true ,ehat luck.

Aug 15

kei became a fairy with a wand

Aug 15

they flied away…

Aug 12

kei felt hungry and took the geese to the ship tricked them and ate the the poor little geese.

Aug 12

Kei and the geese flew up to space .

Aug 11

they were soooooooooooooooo happy

Aug 10

the geese led Kei into a forest then,he discovered that the geese were leading him to a huge grassy hill and saw that there was a small dog that they were fighting so Kei said to the birds to stop fighting the small dog and they did.

Aug 09

it was an alien and it was

Aug 08