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Chasing Geese

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It slipped

Jul 27

He flew in the air he was so connected to the geese he turned into one the end

Jul 27

It was the beautiful maliya

Jul 27

a BBQ appeared from the sky

Jul 27

You run faster

Jul 26

The wind lifted Kei in the air. “AHHHH!” Kei yelled. The geese were honking “OH MY GOODNESS!” Kei soared in the sky. For his first time flying, he was pretty good at it. For the first time ever, he flew past the geese. “I’m winning!” Kei yelled. The geese were huffing and puffing. They were running out of breath. They could not keep up to Kei. Kei was coming to the end of the street. He won in first place. The wind gently lifted Kei back onto the pavement. “Wow! “I can’t believe what just happened!” Kei said. The geese finally came. “Wow, you finally beat us!” The geese said. “Since you won, we want you to come to the annual geese party! It only happens once a year. Do you want to come?” The geese asked. “Oh boy yes I do!” Kei said excitedly. Then Kei went with the geese. The party had over 5000 people. They partied all night. Then Kei went home.

Jul 26

BBQ appeared from the sky!

Jul 25

“Kei! Kei! Where are you?” A voice called. “Kei?” Kei turned and there stood his mother! “Mom? I thought you were dead!” He called as he ran into his mothers arms. “I was, but God gave me the gift to live longer! Oh, KeKei, I’ve missed you so much!” She Whispered. “I’ve Missed you to mom, I’ve missed you to…”

Jul 25

BBQs appeared in the sky and they were rainging from the sky and they were everywhere!

Jul 24

Kei looked up at the geese to see where they were and they were no where to be found. He looked around in the sky but suddenly he bashed into a metal poll. The geese were behind Kei the whole time because they were getting tired and they were losing. The geese flew Kei to the hospital and flew him through a window onto a hospital bed. When he woke up he had a concussion and he could never ride his skateboard again. The geese were happy.

Jul 24

Kei’s skateboard turned into a hover board! he was flying on his hover board max speed! the geese were way behind! Kei flew above baseball games, parties, and so much more! he flew around the whole world with leaving the geese to rest. He was amazed! He now knew he finally beat the geese and was only one who was a kid with a hover board.

Jul 23

they both crossed the finish line at the same time

Jul 23

the sky turned pink the clouds blue and he was flying

Jul 22

he heard something louder than the wind and the geese a roar, he turned around and was face-to-face with a big red dragon! he hoped on it and it flew away. Now he was faster than the geese!

Jul 22

He was flying like a bird.

Jul 22

Kei was flying randomly into the sky,the geese looked amazed they shouted ‘‘YAY KEI’’ Kei loved the sound Kei flew to the mountains and went back home.

Jul 21

Kei turned into a goose and flew with them to migrate and he lived as a goose forever.

Jul 21

Kei started to fly! His skateboard grew wings and soared up to join the geese. The geese cheered him on as they flew of together. THE END

Jul 21

Kei was counting the clouds.

Jul 20

There was a heavy wind and he started flying higher and higher just like the geese in the air with his skate board and finally caught up to them and started to fly with them.That is when he discovered how to fly!THE END!!!

Jul 19