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Chasing Geese

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Kei is suddenly lifted by nothing but air and becomes a goose the fastest goose in the world and races with the geese but then realizes that there was another Kei still skateboarding below him but he was still in the air. “Oh no”he thought “There is two of me!” And then wakes up from sleeping in his own bed and realized that it was only a dream. The End

Jul 19

The wind fluttered around him in excitement. Kei was rising in the air, higher and higher. His skateboard was left on the street, but Kei was focused on the flying.

Jul 18

he found in front of him a giant Dinasour in front of him making a loud voice with his mouth. ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR AND ROAR

Jul 18

when he was on the geese, the geese started talking a lot!:)

Jul 18

Then he began to fly

Jul 18

he went so fast he started to fly

Jul 17

….he sped so fast that he began to fly with all the honking geese.

Jul 17

He started to fly with geese.

Jul 17

The geese flew him home.

Jul 17

He chase the geese and he will never see them again. And then whwn they come back one day, and I’ll friends with them. The end……

Jul 17

He pooped a human face and the geese became one :)

Jul 17

The geese stopped flying and fell down. But Kei caught them and counted: one, two, three, four, five, six… But wait! Where is the seventh goose? That goose was still falling! It finally fell onto a cherry tree. Then it fell into the arms of Kei who was standing under the tree. And then something unbelievable happened. The goose was actually a female goose! So it laid five eggs in Kei’s arms! Kei was so happy that he ran to his mom and said: “Look, Mommy, look! One of the geese I was chasing turned out to be a female and laid five eggs in my arms!” And his mom said: “When the chicks come out, you’ll teach them to roll a skateboard.” The end.

Jul 17

Then the geese took him to a tree house which took him to the places he wanted to go to.

And he lived with the geese happily ever after

Jul 16

the geese pooped out candy and he flew with the geese

Jul 16

He did a loopdy loop and was flying!

Jul 16

He Flew With The Geese

Jul 16

he flu

Jul 16

He flew away with the geese

Jul 15

he flew up and down and became a goose.

Jul 15

the geese helped him fly along the road and he won the race

Jul 15