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Joe the Alien at the Food Fair

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Turned into a lemon with lasers for eyes and then he turned everybody into lemonade.

Aug 31

saw everybody as LEMONS! his friends were lemons, his family were lemons, everyone were lemons. They were squeezing their lemon bodies up and down. And it wasn’t a dream.

Aug 22

Joe turns super bright until it was to bright to see then he disappeared, and Linc and Wendy tried to find Joe, but they couldn’t find him. The End

Aug 21

He went to eat a trophy

Aug 17


Aug 16

started to fly. Joe suddenly turned into a neon pink and orange dragon, he had a line of spikes starting at his head and going down to the tail. Joe stared breathing fire that kinda smelled like lemons. Wendy yelled ‘’ JOE CALM DOWN ‘’, joe couldn’t do anything, was there someone was inside joe telling him what to do or was it just a reaction to the lemons….?

Aug 15

sundonly joe started to have purple dots on his arms he began to speak agean he said he is elergick to lemons so then he started to lose his arms then legs until he was gone but not realy he just teloported to his home

Aug 12

jumped up and drank all of the lemonade at the fair and started to sing lemonade LEMONADE LEMONADE!!!! Linc and Wendy thought for a second … looked at each other and ask joe to preform for the fair but the effects wore off. so Linc and Wendy went home to restock on lemonade but brought three times more so joe could preform for hours. joe was amazed at the fact that there was so much lemonade so he drank it all and took off his disguise to reveal that he was an alien the crowd (GASPED) in astonishment but joe kept singing the crowd where amazed the joe was a singing alien! He was like the alien Justin Beiber,so joe stayed on earth to pressure his dream as a alien popstar who loves lemonade

Aug 12

Turned into voldemort and starting Avada Kadavraing everyone

Aug 10

he flipped, and he fell into his rocket, witch took him to another world THE END

Aug 10

Let out a huge burp and started to grow bigger and bigger until he became the size of a house.Then Joe turned into giant, scary-looking monster! Linc and Wendy tried to help but it freeked them out. After Joe shrinked back to normal size and it was over. The kids ran to Joe. “Are you okay?” asked Linc “,What just happened?”. “Oh, I don’t know,” said Joe “, Let’s just enjoy testing the food”.

Aug 10

Joe froze and everyone found out that he was an Alien and Joe exploded himself and went back to space

Aug 10

…started to glow! Then, he turned as round as a bowling ball! A glowing pink bowling ball! “Oh no!” said Wendy and Linc in unison. Instead of the real Joe’s voice, there came out this super low and slow one! “If I-I-I dri-nk pi-ink lemo-ona-ade, I-I wi-il tu-urn ba-ack!” said Joe. “Pink lemonade, coming right up!” said Linc. So the kids ran all the way home, and made pink lemonade. Joe drank it and turned back into his regular self. “That adventure is o-ver!” said Wendy.

Aug 09

Joe was getting really ugly and was having a gigantic bumcheek that astronauts near saturn could see the bumcheek!

Aug 08

…exploded!!!!!they never knew that he couldn’t have lemons…they thought… …the end…

Aug 07

Joe jumped into the sky and saved the day with Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 07

… grew 6 feet tall and was brighter than the sun.Just as Wendy and Linc would have guessed Joe run away grabbing all the food he could in the process.

Aug 05

… dumped the whole thing of lemonade on him. Finally in about an hour his craziness had worn of he apologized tons of times then said “sorry when I have lemons I go crazy, did I ruin the fair?” But the siblings said it was okay because it added some excitement to the fair.

Aug 03

Fell onto a large jug of lemonade!! Now his disguise was completely as wet as lemonade. SPLOOSH!! the lemonade all splattered on Linc and Wendy. The kids slipped and Linc fell on the left tent stand and Wendy fell on the right. The whole tent fell, CRASH! The lemonade in the lemon juice- squeezer sposhed on the kids!!!

Aug 02

Jumped up, run to the spaceship and bonked his head.

Aug 02