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Joe the Alien at the Food Fair

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Turned into a lemon! Then he zoomed back into space on to his own planet to share the lemon with his alien friends. They had never had lemon before and didn’t know what to do with it….

Aug 01

Joe turned into a lemon and the alien gobbled him up in one bite, his friends were very sad but suddenly the alien barfed out joe the lemon and turned him back into joe the human. The end

Jul 31

He could be frozen because his biggest enemy can be lemons and his planet was not aloud to eat or drink lemons.

Jul 31

Turned into a huge lemon monster. He squirted out lemon juice into everyone’s eyes and all of them reacted as if it was acid. Wendy and Linc called their scientist dad and asked what they could do in this situation. Their dad told them that the only cure to this situation is to feed Joe some freshly made chocolates. Once that task was done, everyone knew that they were aliens and that they are very friendly unless you feed them lemons. They gave those aliens a space to live and everyone lived happily ever after.

Jul 31

Became a pink lemon.everyone stared at the lemon .but they just shrugged it off.when the lemon disappeared and so Wendy and Linc started hanging lost posters for a pink lemon.up to this day they still have not found joe.

Jul 30

Then joe said get me some oranges it’s the only they made orange juice and happily ever after

Jul 30

tise book is good

Jul 28

…started to get bigger and bigger! After a few moments, everyone else who were in the food fair stopped to look at Joe. He had turned into a lemon-eating monster! “ME AM THE LEMON MONSTER!” he bellowed. “LEMONS! LEMONS! GIMME ALL THE LEMONS YOU HAVE!” Everyone gasped. Suddenly, something strange happened. A slightly bigger version of the Lemon Monster stomped toward him. But this one was… blue? “ME AM THE COOKIE MONSTER! BUT I DO NOT WANT YOUR COOKIES. I CAME TO SHARE MY LAST COOKIE WITH MY FRIEND.” he said. The Lemon Monster’s jaw dropped. Then the Cookie Monster said, “SOMETIMES ME WONDER, ‘WHO IS FRIEND?’ THEN ME SAY, ‘FRIEND IS THE ONE TO SHARE THE LAST COOKIE WITH’.” The Lemon Monster said, “THANKS YOU.” Then he turned to the crowd. “ME SORRY TO SCARE YOU. YOU KEEP THE LEMONS.” The crowd cheered, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Jul 28

Joe started to turn pink and yellow and puffed up a then ran to his mom who called her friends over so the could play catch with Joe because he looked like a pink and yellow ball and while they where playing catch Joe exploded into peaces.

Jul 27

jow was glowing with so much radiation all the otherdrinks and food tund into lemons and blew up.

Jul 27

I think joe saw a lemon

Jul 27

he screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” then he EXPLODED!!!!!!

Jul 27

joe be like when life gives you lemons… make lemonade

Jul 27

Joes tongue started to burn he was on fire! The acid from the lemons make him puff up and burn so he was screaming “HELP HELP” but then people said to stop drop and roll and he listened but when he got back up everyone was staring at him his costume burned off! “it’s okay there’s only one you and lots of clothes” said Wendy

The End

Jul 27

Then suddenly Joe turned yellow in the shade of lemonade. Wendy and Linc looked at each other and then back at the strange-looking alien.

“What in the world is wrong with lemons and you, Joe?” asked Linc.

“Lemons make me hyperactive,” Joe said, blobbing up and down in his now yellow body.

“Alright,” said Wendy, “Are you going to try any other things here?”

“I do think so,” Joe said, putting on his sunglasses.

He went off to a dumpling stand and tried some, turned white, and then went to another stand to try watermelon. Then a few other foods, finishing with noodles.

It was sunset. The food fair was closing. Wendy and Linc watched, waved as the pink alien Joe headed off to his own planet.

Jul 26

turn into a creature with 1 eye! He shouted “YROO XRKSVI GIRZMTOV!” and suddenly he vanished into thin air.He has not come back to earth since.

Jul 26

Got injured badly by the lemons and started to strongly dislike lemons. lola is the crush of my bro

Jul 26

started burping bubbles. Linc fainted with fear. It was up to Wendy to fix this. “You can never count on boys,” she thought. Wendy was running out of time, soon everyone else would find out that Joe was an alien and they would freak! She thought and thought and thought. Finally, she came with an idea. Honey! It was sweet and delicious, the exact opposite of lemon. She quickly ran to another stall and bought a honey lollipop. She stuck it in Joe’s mouth. Soon he was to normal. “Thanks Wendy,” he said. Suddenly, Linc woke up and screamed”LEMONS!”……

Jul 26

started laughing out really loud! Linc and Wendy were confused.”I think we need to get him out of here.” said Linc. Then,both the girls ran with Joe till they found a place without any humans. They had arrived at a cottage. They then, decided to check out the cottage while Joe was resting.Linc was searching the backyard for any useful items when she saw something big and ginormous. “WENDYYYY!” she shouted. “What is the matter Linc?”asked Wendy.”Look it’s a spaceship ! And this is Joe’s spaceship!remember when we first met him, he had the same spaceship with a job mark.”said Linc.

To be continued…

Jul 26

Joe turns gold

Jul 26