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Joe the Alien at the Food Fair

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turned into a giant jug of pink lemonade!

Jul 17

started jumping and taking lemons to throw the end…………..bye

Jul 17

goes nuts and start eating everything until he is to fat to walk

Jul 17

started saying hubba bubba

Jul 17

…goes crazy!

Jul 16

started shooting lemons from his mouth.

Jul 15

he is going to eat every thing and going to have some sort of energy flow thru his body

Jul 15

started drinking all the lemonade and there was none left. Then he started eating all the food and there was none left. Then he started to turn into a lemon monster and everyone ran away and then he blew up and everyone died and joe turned back into a alien and a UFO came and carried him back to his planet.

Jul 14

from what i read its a good book

Jul 14

Jumped up and tossed his hockey sweater in the air and Chattered while he was glowing. Joe was so bright the sun looked like just tiny star in the air. Soon he stoped glowing and quickly grabbed his hockey sweater and called the alien hover board and flew away. But, didn’t forget to wave to his friends on the way out.

Jul 14


Jul 14

He was out of control !!!”LEMON “ joe shouted.He ran to the carts and every lemon he found he put in his mouth and gobbled it up.Then a another alien came and took joe.TheEnd

Jul 13

he shouted lemons and went around the food fair

Jul 13


Jul 13

spontaneously shouted lemons and went around the food fair! He revealed his disguise and people started to chase him. He finally stopped and everyone asked him questions. Turns out, he was… allergic to lemons. “What an anti-climatic ending!” Wendy said.

                 The End
Jul 13

started saying “Lemons” in a raspy voice. His eyes turned gold and glazed. “What’s going on?” asked Linc. “Eidolons,” said Wendy. “They can possess people. I read it in a Greek mythology book, but I never thought they actually existed.” Linc gasped. “What are we gonna do?” “I have an idea.” said Wendy. “Everyone, throw food at the guy with the hockey sweater!” Some people heard her,and threw food at Joe. “It’s working!” yelled Linc. Soon enough, a wispy spirit floated out of Joe. Unfortunately, people started to notice Joe’s pink skin. To be continued…

Jul 13

turned into a shinny yellow lemon.Wendy and Linc screamed.They didnt know what happened to Joe they investigated and found out Joe was alergic to lemon.From then on Joe was a lemon

Jul 13

fell backwards and floated to the sky near his spaceship shouting lemons lemons llleeemmmooonnnsss

Jul 13

Got back in his planet

Jul 12

jumped up and down then stopped. Then he looked at his stomach. Linc and Wendy looked at each other. Then SCREAMED! Joe’s stomach had a face in it! The face looked at Joe and said, feed me what ever I want forever! Now feed me pizza! Uh-oh… said Joe, Linc, and Wendy. So they followed Joe as He took a slice of pizza and put it in his stomach. Then it said, BLEH! This is the worst food EVER! So it dissaperead and Joe sighed. Then He decided to go home so he didn’t eat any more lemons. Wendy and Linc stared at each other and went back to their lemonade stand.

Jul 12