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Lobster Goes On Holiday

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“we will grab some things that lobster needs to do his everyday routine and slowly we will decrease the things slowly so when he goes on vacation he will have totally different routines for both.just in case emergencies we will get you used to campfires and other outdoor camping and teach you to do every thing so is everyone in it !”

Aug 28

we will ride a whale all over Canada

Aug 27

Crab and his friends will bye tickets for a plane And then fly to there destination and go to a beach or what ever. THE END!

Aug 27

They will all go together. The whale or seal can carry the others when their feet get tired.

Aug 22

I bet it won’t be the idea but hopefully They have a go old trip at Canada

Aug 19

I think that clam won’t have the most Supriseibg idea but hopefully have A great trip at canada

Aug 19

you like it I like it

Aug 16


Aug 15

they will go to the airport.Then check in.Then go to security check.Then to departures.Then board a plane going to canada

Aug 15

They will wait for a boat to pass by, and from there,lobster will get on the boat and travel to Canada!

Aug 13

they went to each others house

Aug 12

its time to drive

Aug 12

go to the market and eat hot dogs

Aug 11

Clam said he will ride on the humpback whale’s back in the morning, the harp seal’s back in the afternoon and the sea horse’s back in the evening that way he will get around without tiring anyone else. The other animals clapped and cheered for clam’s great idea.

Aug 08

Let’s build a machine that can go on the ground at high speed, from what we find around us. Then we can go on a trip around Canada!!

Aug 08

🦐lese make a big lobster

Aug 05

… I will go with you -if you don’t mind- and we can go on seal’s back -I asked him this morning and he’ll be glad to take us- all the way to Prince Edward Island -I’ve heard that it’s a fairy-like place- and then we’ll plan our next step with the sea creatures of PE Island.”That’s a wonderful plan! Exclaimed the lobsters and clams and seals and whales and -and even the sharks, who, at meetings like this are always gentle creatures or else… -as it is described in the law of the sea. Lobster and clam started off on the seal’s back, singing as loud and strong as their lungs and vocal chords could allow it…. To be continued.

Aug 05

We will go on holiday together. We will book one of those flying things and book those big houses (Hotel).They all didn’t know how to. Clam said that” His friend is a travel agent so they went to him. He booked them those flying things which by surprise was called “a boat”. They made tiny bags out of seaweed and put more seaweed inside it. They were so excited to go. Everyone in the boat were so scared but then they realized that the animals were friendly and played until he reached Canada

Aug 04

what is this book calld

Aug 03

We I’ll armycrawl to the power and fix it then get money and buy pizza

Aug 03