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Lobster Goes On Holiday

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“… we can all go on vacation and us faster ones that can hold heavy weights wil carry us not quite as fast ones.”

Aug 03

maybe we should let the lobster home he looks sad and thats what the did

Aug 02

lobsters holidays are funny clop clop THE END

Aug 02

We will need a formular that can Make him feel better and grow faster than any other animal.

Aug 01

We can go swim in the in the sea! But everyone was very smart not to go, but they didn’t wan to hurt there friends feelings so the went with her. Only lobster didn’t go. After an hour, only crab came back from the ocean, he said” there was a huge shark that ate every one, everyone sacrificed themselves to save me, so I quickly swam away” that was sad muttered lobster, well I hope they learned their lesson in the sharks tummy. They both giggled. The end

Jul 31

This crab had a goodnight poop 💩 Hahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the end

Jul 31

'’you can ride on seals back! seals are bigger than lobsters and seal can get you there really fast!’’ okay! said the lobster Unfortunately they did not get that far when they got eaten by a shark.

Jul 31

Let’s go catch a plane! Yeah! That’s a very good idea clam! Lobster do you want to go visit P.E.I first? Yeah! It’s going to be awesome! Just one question how are we going to get to the airport? We’re in the middle of the ocean!

              THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 30

to be continued

Jul 30

to be continued!

Jul 29

Clam added, “I think I know how to travel. I will travel with you”. Lobster said, “Thank you”. Clam and Lobster went on the plane. They flew over the Atlantic ocean and arrived at the Indian ocean airport. They got their passports ready and went on. After eating power bars Lobster got a snipping power and Clam got a chopping power. They used their powers to save the fish from sharks in the Indian ocean. After 2 weeks they went back home to the Atlantic ocean. Clam said, “I loved the trip. I am gonna tell about it to all my friends’. Lobster agreed and said, “Why don’t we do it again?’

Jul 28

WE will build da boat, man, said clam dude

hi claire dickey and her friends this is mimi retamozo sup

Jul 28

Because it’s Canadas 10th birthday we’ll have a cela rational.

Jul 27

We’ll swim to the surface and see what we can see.

Jul 27

“This is what we will do…”

All the other creatures edged closer to hear Clam’s idea.

“You see that big piece of seaweed drifting by there?” Clam said, nudging Lobster towards the shore of the beach. Lobster looked at where Clam was trying to point at. A whale–and a large one!

“You want me to ride THAT?” Lobster said, surprised.

“Of course!” Clam said. “The whale is headed straight to that island. That… huge island.”

Lobster looked at the huge island. There were trees and seagulls flying overhead. It looked perfect.

“Bye, Lobster!” All the creatures shouted as he boarded the back of the whale. The whale thrust its tail into the water and took off for the large island.

Once Lobster arrived on the island, the whale blew him through its blowhole onto the back of a seagull. The seagull took him flying above the trees, lakes, and scenery. Lobster was thrilled. In a few days he hitched rides on several birds. He flew over beautiful places and soon returned to Clam.

Jul 26

they will make a teleporter so that he can go where ever he wanted.

Jul 25

we will make a thingamajiger and fly to the sky and the birds will help up thats a good plan riightttt????

Jul 25

maybe they could just sneak in to an airport or they could walk all the way if its not that far.

Jul 25

We can make a secure boat out of kelp, and you can bring one of the smartest but smallest sea animals to help you find your way!

Jul 24

We will make a massive lobster mashine

Jul 24