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Lobster Goes On Holiday

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We can make him a airplane and we can all come along to help him fly it. We can also help him explore Canada.Great idea everyone said.the Next day every one went into action building the airplane. When they tested it out everything worked perfectly,they all had a wonderful vacation.The End

Jul 19

we will make a balloons for lobster and then he can fly every where!

Jul 19

every 50 years a ship comes said clam we can wait for 50 years and you can use the ship

Jul 19

he said sorry

Jul 19

“Here’s what we will do,” said Clam. “We’ll get a jet pack for Lobster! And he can fly around the sea and across Canada!” Lobster sculpts a sculpture of Clam as a souvenir for Clam when he gets home from his trip!

Jul 19

“We can make a little boat made out of things that are laying around here on the ground and maybe we can all travel together I’ve never been on a holiday before”said clam so that is what they did and they had a lifetime of fun on their vacation they saw fireworks ate a bunch of delicious food and they did it all together.the end.

Jul 19

Clam said, “This is what we will do…” and he whispered his plan to the others. The next day the sea creatures were ready to put their plan into action. Clam had asked lobster to have his bags ready and to meet him near the shore. When Lbster finally got their some fish took his bags and gave them to some seagulls who carried them all the way to Lake Ontario, the first place lobster would visit. Lobster then got on his whale friend and the whale blew him all the way from his home int he ocean of Nova Scotia to wear his bags were. A very wise seal who had travelled before had made a map of Canada for Lobster. “Thank you” Lobster cried as he was flying threw the air to the lake. Clam and all the other sea creatures had been able to help him make his way to the lake so he could travel throughout Canada. A few weeks later and Lobster had returned with some help from friends, he had made on his holiday trip, and because of Clam he was able to tell him a wonderful story of his adventure.

Jul 19

We will all go travelling together. We can help each other and stick together. That way we will all get to see Canada and celebrate Canada’s birthday together. So they all agreed and set out across Canada on their journey.

Jul 18


Jul 18

hE sAiD sOrRy

Jul 18

We will all go together across Canada to help encourage lobster and everyone else!” “That’s a great idea!” lobster replied, “But still how do you travel?” Clam thought for a moment then said, “you must pack the things you need then you set out on your adventure.” “Then lets go! cried seal. And out they set for an adventure of a lifetime.

Jul 18

… I usually see a big black shadow passing by.Maybe you could hitch a ride on there!’’ But before Lobster could say anything,a big black shadow stopped right before their eyes.’‘There it is!’‘said Clam.’‘But how am I going to get on?’‘asked Lobster.Just then a net came down. ‘‘That’s how!’‘said Clam.Lobster climbed on and waved his claw.The net went up,and Lobster was out of sight.’‘I wonder if we will ever see him again.’‘said Clam.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 18

chase your buts.

Jul 18

Let the humpback whale get you there.

Jul 18

…we will build you a boat… a strong sturdy one…

Jul 17

..wait, never mind. Whatever.” And Lobster never got to go on his holiday.

Jul 17


Jul 17

Will jump in a pit of lava

Jul 17

the marine animals will take you to Canada.

Jul 17

celebrate Canada right here !

Jul 16