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The Not So Secret Attic

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when the kids opened the door they saw thousands of restaurants. they didn’t know that their aunt owned so many restaurants. the kids went back downstairs and said to their aunt we didn’t know you owned a lot of restaurants and their aunt said yes i own a lot of restaurants. their aunt said would you like to eat the kids said yes. the end

Sep 01

Misha and Ollie slowly crept in to the attic they saw a coat closet and looked in what they saw stunned them for what thay saw was mountain peaks caped with snow and trees droopping with packs of snow Misha gasped and replied I I I thought it was summer but it is responded Ollie

Aug 31

misha decided that the suspense was too much, so she went back downstairs. ollie went into the “secret”attic only to find a note that said , “sorry but, this is a NORMAL attic.” THE END.

Aug 30

Misha And Ollie Raced Up The Attic. Misha said “ Hey Look Ollie There Is A photo of Mom and Dad’s Wedding! “I never Knew Aunt Zoya Was There!” Item After Item The children found many treasures things. THE END

Aug 30

when the kids got inside they found out that one part of the room had a little bookshelf. you could go where ever you wanted all you had to do was move the top shelf to the left right and open and think about where you wanted to go .and anther part had lots of food chains and a few ice cream shops with cones. another part had a theater with a huge couch that could fit 5 people they had so much fun travelling the world and watching and eating they slept at 12:30 they lost track of time because they had so much fun. the end

Aug 29

In the attic they went in a portal that teleported them to Pyrrhia in Wings Of Fire. Then they turned into dragons. Misha was a Sandwing called ‘Cactus’and Ollie was a Icewing called ‘Blizzard’. Then they lived their happy forever the End.

Aug 29

The stairs creaked under their shoes.Suddenly they started to break…

Aug 26

when they opened the door they saw magic wands and flying spell books but that was only one part of the room.there was another part where there a huge screen tv and you can pick from thousands of movies and tv shows.that’s not all there’s also a part of the room that has a big food machine where you could get any type of food all you have to do is say what food you want and place a plate or bowl in the machine and you have the food you want. the girls enjoyed until they got so tired that hey needed to go to bed. the end

Aug 24

and touched the door knob the door cricked open. When they open the door they found old antiques and jewelry. Then when Ollie moved boxes around they found a clue that lead them in the backyard. They folowed the clue and then they where in the garage and found a trap door. They when down and found a box when they opend it the found…… Gold and they where rich but the anut said it’s hers but the aunt was nice.

Aug 24

The stairs were creaking beneath the kid’s new shoes they had got at Walmart. They slowly got closer and closer to the attic. They opened the stair door and walked inside the secret attic, to find a room with dress up clothes, sofa,games, a computer, and a flat screen TV!But the lights were off. When they switched it on, they saw that it was a attic of wonder! There was so many toys. It was a child’s dream. They had so much fun at their aunt’s cottage!

Aug 23

They went upstairs and found more and exciting pictures.

Aug 23

They went into the secret attic. There was nothing inside. Then, they told two secrets to each other, and they went back downstairs and drank their cookies and juice.

Aug 22

They slowly went upstairs and Misha said “ look here is a photo of mom and dad’s wedding!” soon they found more and exciting things to look at. The End.

Aug 19

Misha and Ollie opened the crickety door.It was dark until a light turned on by it self.Misha and Ollie were scared.They saw bottles,coloured liquids and wirdly shaped mechines……“Aunt Zoya is a scientist!!”Yelled Misha.So,Misha and Ollie ran down stairs but Aunt Zoya was not there.”What should we do?”Asked Ollie.”Lets check up stairs,after all it is her science lab.”Said Misha.So, the two ran up stairs and found Aunt Zoya in her lab coat.”Well done,”Said Aunt Zoya”You figered it out!”

                                  THE END    
Aug 19

( make sure to read part one ). “ AUNT ZOYA “ they constantly yelled but still, no answer. “ Misha “ Ollie said, “ ya “ Misha replied, “ do you think aunt Zoya wanted us to go up here so she could lock is in? “ “ no I don’t think so “. The girls talked for a while, all of a sudden they herd a noice….. “ hello? “ Misha yelled, no one answered. Misha and Ollie looked at each other but out of the corner of Ollies eye, there was a tiny little kitten, the kitten was black with white stripes, the kittens left eye was ruby red but it’s right eye was emerald green…. “ aww “ Misha and Ollie said at the same time, “ what’s it’s name” said Ollie “ let’s name it… “ Misha started but then the kitten walked around the attic and led the girls to a big trunk at that moment they herd light nocking coming from inside the trunk, Ollie opened it there was nothing there but a piece of folded paper, Misha grabbed the piece of paper and unfolded it. They gasped, it was a map…(stay tuned for part 3

Aug 16

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” they said then they went KABOOM, went to heaven, came back, and repeated that over and over again

Aug 16

They opened the creaky door and went inside. The attic had a strange smell, it kinda smelled like moldy cheese and dirty gym socks, the attic was dark, dusty and a little scary.’‘hey Ollie, don’t let the vampires eat you’’ Misha said ‘‘stop it’’ Ollie replied. ‘’ Misha ‘’ a strange voice said. ‘‘Ollie stop joking around’’ Misha said to Ollie ‘‘i didn’t say anything’’. ‘’ then who did’’? Ollie shrugged ‘’ okay lets get out of here ‘’ Misha said. They turned around to go back, but then the door slammed shut, they tried to open it but they couldn’t, it was locked?!?! ‘’ AUNT ZOYA ‘’ they yelled but no one answered….. ( find out what happens in part two )

Aug 15

im sceard

Aug 15

After they got inside the door they saw a surprise of fidget spinners everywhere and all the kinds of ones

Aug 15

They reached the top of the stairs and turnd the door knob but it was locked! Mille noticted a note and read it.The note said that the key was in the dinning room . They found the key and unlocked it. Inside was lots of books that could take you the places in them if you pointed at a picure and wished you could go there! They went to Egept and Rome! THE END

Aug 11