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The Runaway Donut

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the donut rolled fast and fast and fast it hit a giant the giant made the donut exsploted

Sep 04

It rolled faster and faster ,than all of a sudden,a giant leaped out of the woods and ate it up! “Sorry for this donut casastraphy everyone!” Apologized the mayor. All was forgiven,and they all celebrated with donuts!

Sep 02

and then the donut exsploted!!!

Sep 02

..A giant moose came and try to eat it , but it steped on all the houses it rolled up a volcano fell in and a ENORMOUS LAVA HOUND ate it THE END!!!!:D

Sep 01

sometime later (no one knows when,)it fell in the ocean, and a giant eel ate it whole. THE END.

Aug 30

Perri puff created a licorice fence to contain the donut but it broke the fence and rolled onto a giant platform nobody could get it off so they used food dye and made it silver so now there is a giant donut Statue! Sorry Zaliba925 I did not realize I copied you. So I did this sorry

Aug 30

Every one puts pop rocks on the donut and starts throwing it up in the air. the pop rocks pop and it all explodes into a giant firework you can Eat!☺

Aug 30

it fell in the lake and 5 kids used it as a surfboard

Aug 28

tummbled down the rocky way and bounced off the tiny sand castle ad fell straight into a muddy slushie disgusting looking puddle

Aug 28

it exploded and a lot of pop tarts came out,and it was just enough for everyone!

Aug 26

it blasted the whole town

Aug 25

he woud say blablablabla

Aug 25

some body steps on it and it explodes

Aug 23

The Mayor Jumped right in front of the donut before it could crash into Perri Puff! Unfortunately the donut momentarily rolled over the Mayor killing him!! Luckily when the donut was about to roll on top of Perri Puff, a flock of geese swooped down and started to nibble on the donut!! And from that day on, all citizens of that small town honoured geese for saving them. Also, they announced BooBooButt, an eight-year-old goose as their new mayor for life! Wellll…… until he dies.

Aug 23

crashed into a milk truck so everyone had milk and donut for lunch!

Aug 23

Splash!!! The donut landed right in the town lake! Everyone got soaked and fish went flying everywhere! After they cleaned up the mess they all went back to the bakery and made a new one.

Aug 22

The dounut almost destroyed the city but then it crashed in to a building that was full of sprinkles and confetti and it exploded all over the city peri puff and the mayor thought it was going to be worse but it wasn’t

Aug 22

the donut went in to a post offices and went in a box and flew far away to the North Pole. then a polor bear came and wanted a bite of the donut but then someone came and….

Aug 22

right before the donut hit a big group of people,a transport truck with glue on it zoomed in front of all the people and saved them!

Aug 20

landed on top of a person and squished him and then rolled all the way from Alberta to Francisco. After that it rolled to the zoo and a huge monkey flattened it and gulped it up. after 10 seconds the huge monkey noticed that the big donut was made out of plastic and spit it up. THE END!!!!!

Aug 19