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The Runaway Donut

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He found a new friend😉

Aug 19

People started chasing after it and grabbed it with there teeth and it up In one gulp

Aug 19

Perri Puff had an idea. He screamed his giant friend’s name, Bangly, so he could come help. When Bangly arrived, he saw to gigantic donuts roweling to him, which, for him, was a regular sized donut. He lifted his wright hand in front of the donut and when it arrived to his hand, it stopped. Everyone was so proud of him! From Now on That day was called Bangly donut day!

Aug 19

It exploded !!!!!

Aug 19

He got another dount

Aug 18

it rolled into the bakery shop

Aug 18

The donut crowed some legs and he jumped in space.

Aug 18

he jumped into grave

Aug 17

it ran into the school. And the principal ran out of the school and said to the mayor “Why did this huge humungus donut roll into the school? It made damage in our school walls!”

Aug 16

they were running after it. They grabbed it and they put it back. They lived happily ever after, the end.

Aug 16

I don’t know

Aug 15

Then the mayor fainted

Aug 15

And then it rolled right towards my dads car. My dad swerved and the doughnut kept on going . Maybe to Canada. I live in the States.

Aug 15

When the donut started rolling it was in Canada but once it got to Paris it bumped into a house which stopped the gigantic donut from rolling 😆🙂😊

Aug 14

The dougnout crashed Into the house 😳😳😳😳😳 the owners screamed so loud that the town heard it!

Aug 14

it rolled into a river (because I’m so creative lol).

Aug 14

kaboom it destroyed every single thing in the WORLD AND………….. TO BE COUNTINUED

Aug 13

BOUSHHHH! it landed in a big store full of donuts it self people got a report about the missing donut and searched everywhere but there were too many donuts in the store.

Aug 13

The giant from Jake and the bean stalk heard about the donut and started to climb down the bean stalk. When he got down he ATE THE DONUT! All the people ware sad BUT Perri Puff said he will make DONUTS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!! THE END

Aug 13

a goose saw him and catch him with a rope and took him home and give him some coffee tomorrow he was better

Aug 12