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The Squirrels at the Door

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all the squirrels where having a party and doing a puppet show! The end.

Sep 04

They saw 3 dozens of squirrels hanging out on the street. Izzie pushed the wagon toward them. the squirrels all got what they needed from the wagon. it looked as though they had teams, and they were going to build something. then they wrote thank you and when they will give back the leftover materials. a few days later, izzie rushed to the door to find the squirrels with a weird thing. she scrunched her face when she couldn’t tell what it was. the the biggest squirrel came up to her, and spoke in a squeaky tone, “here is the ulimate ‘nature maker.’” “a what?” “a nature maker! it can create a few things from nature, like seeds, etc. you can help us keep our habitat.” as being green her favourite thing, she got out a lot of acorns and seeds from the ‘maker’, and dashed to the park, the squirrels at her heels. at the edge of the forest, she threw the seeds, so they scattered. and some acorns, too. from then on, it was called the ‘Smart Squirrel Conservation Area’.

Sep 03

the squirrels had made a huge manneqein

Sep 02

outside the squirrels had started a creative corner where anyone could make anything ever if it didn’t exist because the only thing the squirrels had before the met Izzie was a bit of magic.

Aug 31

The squirrels built their own tree house!

Aug 21

The squirrels had made a small clothing shop with lots of squirrel clothing and the neighbours were looking at it, amazed.

Aug 19

it makes no sence(the story)

Aug 18

The squirrels had made a great big mansion the squirels

Aug 17

With all the paint they had painted all around their house and made colourful paper streamers. All of the squirrels were wearing beautiful rainbow outfits . “They’re having a party!” said Izzie.
“What for ?” asked her father. “ For the new squirrel pups First Monthaversary” replied Izzie.
“ Well it’s not a quiet a “b” or in this case “m-day” party without a treat is it ?” joked her mother. So Izzie and her family went inside and baked some squirrel-safe walnut muffins. When they came out the muffins they saw the little pup in her cot surrounded by all of her loved ones. So after everyone was done awing and cooing at the baby ,they all sat down and had a great time…

And don’t worry the big sister got her scissors back in
The END.

Aug 17

they saw the most cutest thing ever!!!!!!The End

Aug 16

They saw the most beautiful thing that saw all day. The End😄

Aug 15

The squirrels had built a whole parade of floats and were marching down the street. Everybody was cheering and the squirrels made the news and said that they had to thank Izzy and her family for the supplies

Aug 14

There, in front of their door, was the portrait of 10 Squirrels. They saw some squirrels finishing decorating the frame with the string and some flowers made of fabric. Everyone Aah-ed and Ooh-ed at such a marvelous site. The end.

Aug 13

They saw Izzy knitting a hat, a scarf, mittens for the squirrels in the winter and when it was Christmas Eve, she was sleeping and Santa Claus woke her up and told her “Come with me I’m bringing you on a trip around the world!” Izzy was really happy Santa Claus knew she gave the squirrels warmth!

Aug 11

She knitted a scarf .(she learned how to knit in knitting class.Oh and by the way,the scarf was violet.)

Aug 10

Lzzie had built a tree house and a whole family of squirrels lived in it,and they were about to have dinner, -Dad in the window I can see that they are about to have dinner,say, can I borrow some berries, from our fridge, and some acorns from our oak tree?

Aug 10

Lzzie made a tree house for the squirrels to live in!

Aug 08

The squirrels went inside to play

Aug 08

They saw an amusement park! The squirrels used the paint to Add colour to the amusement park,they used the fabric to make stuffed animals & dolls as prizes,the scissors and paper for a crafts center,and the rest for other parts of the amusement park. After everyone found out,they rode the rides and enjoyed and they had a great day.

Aug 06

The squirrels had made a statue of an acorn, and were trying to eat it! They used the paper to make the outside, then stitched it together and painted it! “Those are some crazy squirrels!” said Izzy’s dad. “Give me back my scissors!” said her big sister, fighting with a squirrel. The family laughed until their faces turned red.

Aug 06