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The Squirrels at the Door

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the squirrels where standing outside waiting to give back all the things Izzie had collected that day.

Aug 05

The squirrels were taking over the city! Everyone screamed as they were dragged out of their houses! Everybody died. THE END

Aug 04

It was a huge version of their leader , general corkscrew, with a six pack and a bottle of nutjuice in his right hand. In his left hand was a bucket full of cat poop with a few young squirrels playing around in it. Then one of the little squirrels fell on to his face and unbalanced the statue and it fell to pieces.The lady squirrels quickly went to gather their children while the others went and gathered all of the supplies Izzie got them and put them on the front step then disappeared into the trees never to be seen again.

Aug 04

I think they saw a little squirrel town and all of the squirrels were sewing or painting.

Aug 04

… the squirrels had made a huge stage. Some them were wearing costumes in bright colours, but others were wearing black clothing and managing thing backstage. Izzy’s family realized the squirrels were putting on a play. They inviting the people living on the street to watch.

Aug 03

the biggest cave of yarn ever ! “ Wow , that is the biggest cave of yarn I have ever seen ! “ Izzies big sister exclaimed . " I know , " Izzie said . " Can we go in ? " Izzies mom asked . “ Actually , I`m afraid to ask. “ . “ Of course ,” Izzie .

Aug 03

The biggest, bluest tree house they had ever seen. There were paper chains, colourful pillows, beautiful canvases and a lot of acorns.

Aug 03

there was a huge tree house with squirrels inside it

Aug 03

they saw all all the squirrels were paining sewing wearing cloth and playing weird games.After a while both of there neighbors came outside and fed the squirrels too but everyone was at door so they got nervous so Iizzy’s family went inside but didn’t. Everyone had a great afternoon and they all were were friends with squirrels. After that day the squirrels came to their house every Friday to have fun……

Aug 03


Aug 03

The squirrels were playing tag and running up and down the tree

Aug 01

Lizzie and her family saw a beautiful tree house. with neon steps and flowers, with paper plates and the house was painted brown, not to dark but just right .she saw inside, they had beds and pink and blue bright sheets.”these animals are so cool”.said Lizzie. THE END

Jul 31

All the squirrels in the neighbourhood were having a fashion contest and there were three adult squirrels judging them. As everyone stared, all the squirrels lined up and took a bow. Then the three judges applauded and gave prizes to the squirrels that won. Everyone stared at Izzie and said “ Did you dress them up like this?” Izzie replied, “No, I let them dress theirselves.”

The End

Jul 31

A huge homemade squirrel! What is that said Izzie’s sister? It’s the squirrel’s new home,said Izzie!
The end!!!!

Jul 31

there was a huge paper airplane with squirrels! the plane also had string googles (in case for a sky dive) and a thank you sign.

Jul 31

There was a family of squirrels at their door, and they all started making different crafts together. They talked with each other and squirrels did an acrobat show for them. After their small squirrel party Izzie and her family went to sleep

Jul 30

They saw the squirls and they let them eat with the family.

Jul 30

the squrriels made a pretty dress

Jul 29

About a million squirels were at the front door

Jul 29

The squirrels had made a helicopter from all the fabrics and paint. Now they could fly to BC to see my Grandma and Uncle. THE END

Jul 29