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The Squirrels at the Door

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There were squirrels everywhere, flying around on fabric wings that caught the wind! “You weren’t lying!” Mom said in surprise. Izzie just smiled. “You can bet a makeshift pair of wings that I wasn’t.”

Jul 28

there are flying squirrels in the tree

Jul 28

A beautiful nest in the tree

Jul 27

Full of squirrels marching at the door:)

Jul 27

Through the door they saw a big tree house in a really big tree right on their front lawn! “What were these squirrels thinking?!” And where did the tree come from?

Jul 27

thay pooed

Jul 27

the family was curious,they didn’t want to be rude so they open their eyes it was a parade of dancing squirrels they couldn’t believe it.” how can squirrels dance? asked her big sister “ maybe there is something wrong…

Jul 27

i didn’t read it all

Jul 27

A little squirrel army stood outside in all its glory; the squirrels were made from the different the different materials that was collected throughout the day. “B-but…how?!”, the sister sputtered out, her eyes wide in wonder. Izzie just smiled, her lips pulling back into a grin. “It’s a secret, obviously!” Her dad had started to wonder around the miniature squirrels. He paused to stop in front of them. “This is amazing!” But why..?” Izzie smiled again and whispered: “For the squirrels that come to the door sometimes.”

Jul 27

the squirrels built a stage and put up a show!

Jul 27

There were actually squirrells at the door! And they built on ginormous squirrel to be their leader with the supplies Izzie gave them!

Jul 27

They couldn’t believe what they saw. Four squirrels were standing on top of balls of yarn, with fabric dangling from their ears, tails and furry bodies.

“Is that…” Izzie’s big sister stammered.

Beside the squirrels there was a tiny coat rack made of wood the squirrels had ‘borrowed’. It was painted red.

“Now where’s the-“ Izzie’s dad paused when he saw a bucket of paint wedged inside a tree. Another neighbor came out of their house and then stopped when they saw the squirrels dressed strangely.

“Oh no,” Izzie’s mother whispered.

The squirrels took out the scissors and cut a string. A tree branch fell over. The paint tipped and fell all over the neighbor.

The squirrels chattered to each other a bit, picked up their coat rack, and ran off.

Izzie nodded slowly. “Dad, do you have any more paint? The squirrels asked to borrow some.”

Izzie’s dad, angry from the neighbor incident, said: “Izzie, do you happen to have any towels? The rabbits asked for some.”

Jul 26

it was a giant life size squirrel. They were so astonished.”How could they do that in only 2 hours?”Izzie thought to herself.

Jul 26

help haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jul 26

… they couldn’t believe what they saw the squirrels where having a party they used the paint to write let’s party and fabric for pretty dresses and scissors for cutting out humans with squirrels.

Jul 26

izzy got lost

Jul 26

I think she and her neighbors made some squirrels out of paper and fabric 👑

Jul 26

that the squirrels were selling dresses on a sunny day.

Jul 26

The squirrels had to build a new home in the tree in front of Izzie’s home. They used a whole that was plucked at the tree. Unfortunately when Izzie looked inside the tree, she saw nothing but damp wood ( inside was very big ). It was a good thing that she asked her family for all the equipment that was needed to be used.

Jul 25

The squirrels building a mansion Izzie yelled OMG!!!!!!! I knew it

Jul 25