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The Squirrels at the Door

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the squirrels built a huge building/house out of everything they got from Izzie.

Jul 25

they saw all of there neighbours happy (even his enemies) and that wasn’t all they all had gifts for the family

Jul 24

The squirrel’s were balancing nut’s on their chin’s it was cool. By throwing the nuts in the air, the nuts hit the ground and the nuts built a big house.

Jul 24

The squirrels had made a big house. Everyone went inside and had a big party with food and candy and games! ‘Wow I’m having such a good time!’ Said Izzies big sister. ‘I love the party clothes.’ said mom. ‘Three cheers for the squirrels!’said everyone. And they all lived happily ever after the end!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 24

A squirrel

Jul 24

the squirrels built a big house even with big rooms and room for everybody.

Jul 23

a squirrels in front of their door, and build their own houses, and the squirrels bring back the thinks that they borrowed but some things are been used and they are glad that they bring back their stuff and they live happily ever after, THE END.

Jul 23

They made a huge pile of art!

Jul 23

she had built a house for them

Jul 23

Izzie’s family saw all the squirrels working together to make a giant house in their backyard tree! The house was in the shape of a squirrel that was so big, there were almost no branches left on the tree. When Izzie’s dad asked her what was happening, Izzie replied: “the squirrels wanted to build a castle for their king so they asked me for help.But don’t worry, they are paying rent for the tree space. that is about $150 in squirrel money.” (What they didn’t know is that squirrel money is peanuts and sunflower seeds that they steal from humans!)

                              The End!
Jul 23


Jul 23

they saw a book by izzie called the wonderful things about squirrel girl

Jul 23

And,They Saw Mice Falling From The Sky.

Jul 22

a big squirrel parade. Izzie’s parents and her sister were amazed. They saw the biggest squirrel parade EVER. (Or the first one they saw). There were squirrels singing, dancing, marching, and every motion you can do! The parade was 1 hour. At the end the squirrels made a statue of Izzie with saying on the float thank you Izzie for making this happen! From the squirrels. Everyone cheered “ Izzie! Izzie!” Izzie went in the middle of the road saying “Thank you! Thank you!” it was 6:30 and Izzie’s family was proud of her.

Jul 21

Izzie’s family saw a huge brown squirrel made up of fabric and yarn hanging through a string tied up to the tree in front yard..It was a beautiful sight and everyone was surprised at how perfectly it resembles a squirrel!!Mommy and Daddy appreciated Izzie to make their front yard so artistic.

Jul 21

They saw actual squirrels making a big statue of Izzie’s family! Izzie pointed to them and said “See? They are real!” From that day on, Izzie’s family never doubted Izzie again.

Jul 21

in front of them was a giant tree in the shape of a squirrel

Jul 21

In front of them was a big statue of a squirrel painted wonderfully, with clothes made of great fabric and strings wound up around the arms

Jul 20

the squirrels painted the shed made a blanket and gave them some nuts the end.

Jul 20

a diansour

Jul 20