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Sea Change
by Frank Viva
Tundra Books
5.0 stars

Sea Change is about a boy who tries to make new friends in a small town in Nova Scotia. The book really captures how awkward it can be being the new kid in town. The details about lobster trapping are very interesting too.

Jun 14

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5.0 stars

Really good book. I love how in the beginning Eliot keeps imaging how the plane will crash and his parents will be like “ I can’t believe we sent him there.” It still feels a bit like the same old story.

Aug 13
5.0 stars

looks good to me!!! (can somebody post what it is about? I really want to know, because it sounds like a awesome book!!!)

Aug 11
5.0 stars

Definitely the best summer of Eilot’ life I’m going to read this every summer!

Aug 01
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