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The Land of Stories: Worlds Collide

5.0 stars

It was amazing my most favorite out of the series because there was different perspectives on the story and the coolest part was when Red had caffeine!! Hilarious

Aug 30
4.0 stars

Amazing. I thing it was a great end to the series with page turning events and a funny epilogue. I loved this series and I think the book left my speechless. I am so sad that the series ended but Conner, Alex and all the fairytale friends will be in my heart ❤️

Sgelover123 📚

Aug 16
5.0 stars

Full of adventure and awesomeness!

Aug 08
5.0 stars

Grate details,gives lots of pictures in you mind. Love it.

Aug 07
5.0 stars

Very cool! lots of suspense. Once you start reading it you can’t stop!

Jul 31
5.0 stars

I have an inter-library loan for this one so I´ll get a call as soon as it comes into the system and I´ll be the first one to read it! These books only take me a day, I can´t get enough of them!!!!

Jul 29
5.0 stars


Jul 28
4.0 stars

i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was great book

Jul 26
1 star

My favourite part was fairies vs witches .

Jul 19
5.0 stars

Amazing book. Loved it so much and would read it again!!!

Jul 18
5.0 stars


Jul 15
5.0 stars

I think it is a book that you will love

Jul 05
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