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Lucky Jonah
by Richard Scrimger
Harper Collins Canada
4.5 stars
11 Reviews

With the help of a magic camera, can Jonah overcome his insecurities and learn to accept himself?


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5.0 stars

Wow! Amazing book! I’ve never read a book like this before. It’s a new type of adventure that gets you stuck into the book. When your mom calls you for dinner, you say,” Just a few more minutes mom! This book is really amazing!”And it really is to tell you the truth. I liked it the very start after I read the part when he changed into Magnus, his best friend. It’s so cool how you can enter someone else’s body and control them just with one click from a small camera. Sometimes Jonah gets into a lot of trouble turning into other people, but other times he learns some new facts he didn’t know about them.

Aug 09
5.0 stars


Jul 24
5.0 stars

The book is really good…It is kind of like a book I read before. Jonah turns into different people,and learns that he should aprreciate who he is already..

Jul 18
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