Reading fun for kids from Canada’s public libraries

Parents' Corner


The 2017 notebooks include:

  • an identification page
  • plenty of space to record items read and collect stickers
  • space for a child to state his or her reading goal for the summer
  • space on the book log pages to record minutes read, or to indicate whether a book was liked or not, or whatever a child chooses
  • playful reading prompts to encourage all sorts of reading fun, which children can check off as they are completed
  • additional pages to record books to read during the rest of the year
  • program certificate

Please note that there are two versions of the notebook – one for pre-readers (children ages 0-5) and their parents and caregivers, the other for children ages 6-12. The pre-reader version contains information for parents about reading readiness, and the text and reading prompts have been tweaked throughout, emphasizing the importance of reading together.

This item is bilingual. Both versions of the notebook are laid out in the “flipped” style, where English comprises one half and French the other.

Each child who joins the program receives an age-appropriate notebook at registration.

Web Access Bookmark

This card contains a unique access code, which a child may enter at the TD Summer Reading Club website to create his or her online notebook, where virtual stickers and books read will be stored. This access code will act as a login, eliminating the need for the child to provide any personal information to set up an account. There will be space in the notebook for the child to record their web access code.

This item is bilingual.

Each child who joins the program receives a web access code bookmark at registration.


Children can visit their local library to receive a sticker. They will usually be asked a question by library staff about the book they’ve read.

If you are unable to bring your child to the library to collect stickers throughout the summer, you may request that your library give you the whole sticker sheet when you register, and you may give them out at home when your child finishes reading a book or other reading materials.