Reading fun for kids from Canada’s public libraries

Top Recommended Reads

Keep kids reading all summer!

No one knows great reads like the staff at your local library. These Canadian children’s books have been carefully chosen to get your kids started on their summer reading adventures.

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The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library
by Linda Bailey
Tiny Eddie is a green bug whose aunt is missing! Can Eddie use book smarts to avoid Squishers and save her?
Ages 8-11
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What's My Superpower?
by Aviaq Johnston
Inspired by her friends' "super" abilities, Nalvana wonders if she will ever discover her own "superpower."
Ages 4-7
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One Piece of String
by Marthe Jocelyn
A single piece of string twists and turns into so many amazing things!
Ages 0-3
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The Dance of the Violin
by Kathy Stinson
Stories and music pour from young Joshua Bell\'s violin, colouring his whole world as he prepares for a big competition.
Ages 5-8
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The Word Collector
by Peter H. Reynolds
Jerome loves words so much that he collects his favourites every day! There's only one thing that makes him happier…
Ages 4-8
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He Who Dreams
by Melanie Florence
John discovers he has a talent for dancing, and struggles to embrace and find acceptance for both his Irish and Cree heritage.
Ages 11-12
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Can Your Smartphone Change the World?
by Erinne Paisley
Get involved, raise awareness, and make a difference in the world using the power of social media.
Ages 11-12
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Letters to a Prisoner
by Jacques Goldstyn
Even a simple act like writing a letter can have a powerful impact when people unite to express their support.
Ages 8-12
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The Man Who Loved Libraries
by Andrew Larsen
Successful immigrant Andrew Carnegie can think of no greater gift than building libraries across the world.
Ages 5-9
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I Love My Purse
by Belle DeMont
Charlie loves his red purse above all else, and isn’t afraid to let the world know it! When he brings his purse to school one day, everyone questions him. But Charlie stands firm with his choice and this begins to inspire others.
Ages 4-7