Reading fun for kids from Canada’s public libraries

Kei stood at the top of his street. As his eyes focused on the long slope of road ahead of him, he adjusted his helmet and pads. He had one foot on the ground, and the other rolled his skateboard back and forth, gently and steadily.

The weather was perfect with a canopy of blue sky overhead and a soft breeze at his back. There was something in the air too, a rare energy that only a kid with a skateboard and a plan would ever notice.

Kei knew it for sure. Today was the day. He raised his eyes towards the sky. Standing still, he waited and listened. They were coming.

Within a few minutes he heard it, a squawking honk in the distance behind him, then another, and another. He smiled. The geese were coming. The sounds grew louder, and each honk called to him, “Come! Let’s race! Fly with us!”

Kei readied himself. He had tried many times to chase the geese and to keep up with them, but they always left him behind as they flew far ahead into the distance.

Today would be different, though. He pushed off the road as hard as he could, again and again. He sped down the slope, and the steady grind of his wheels on the pavement was music to his ears.

He looked up, and there they were, seven geese flying overhead. Their perfect V formation looked like an arrow leading to a faraway, mysterious destination; an arrow showing the way for Kei to join them, but only if he could keep up.

He sped along faster than he ever had before. The sound of his wheels seemed to soften, the wind blowing past his ears became a roar. He kept an eye on the geese above him. They weren’t getting away this time, and they cheered him on with their honks and squawks.

“Faster! Faster!”

It was so easy now, like riding a cloud. Kei felt like he was connected to the geese by some invisible tether. His excitement carried him faster and further than he could ever have imagined.

And then something incredible happened…

Story Endings