Story Starters

Dog Olympics

“Ruff, ruff!”

Bailey the Dog had just arrived for the first-ever Dog Olympics in Bone Creek, Saskatchewan.

Bailey’s goal was to win three gold medals in his favourite three dog-themed events.

Bailey was nervous, but Bailey was ready.

The first dog event was…

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Story Endings


The obstacle course. The course looked easy, but the dog next to Bailey looked worried. “My name is Rover,” he said, “I’ve never done an obstacle course before.” Suddenly, they were taken to a room where they were partnered up. Then they were taken to the starting line. The coach said, “Ready, set, go!” Bailey and Rover found the course easy. They got first place. The second event was fetching. There was one ball that was red and the rest were yellow. The coach said, “Ready, set, go!” Bailey and Rover were the team that got the red ball. A poodle complained that they were cheating, but they ignored her because it wasn’t true. The third event was jumping. The first team that got to the end of the course won. The coach said, “Ready, set, go!” Bailey and Rover were doing great until Rover missed a jump. The rule was, if you didn’t make it over with your partner, it wouldn’t count. So Bailey went back and pulled River over. They still won first place. Bailey and Rover were so happy!

Jul 28

to dig all the way to the end of where they needed to dig to

Jul 27

The Dog Dig! The dog who found the most toys in the ground would win!

Jul 27
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