Howard and I always enjoy walking to school on Thursday mornings.

Why Thursdays? Well, Thursday is garbage pickup day in our neighborhood. I guess that sounds kind of weird—to be excited about garbage pickup day—but just stay with me for one second!

The older gentleman at the end of our street always throws away the most interesting items and puts them at the end of his property for pickup on Thursdays. Once, there was a huge Pac‑Man arcade game. Last week, it was a pinball machine. 

This Thursday morning, we looked ahead to see if there was anything at the end of his property.

“Oh. It’s just a lamp today,” Howard said.

“That’s a funny looking lamp,” I replied, as we approached and bent down to take a closer look. “Look at this weird pattern up here,” I said, touching the spiralled gold design on the lampshade.

You have one wish left!

“Uh,” Howard hesitated. “Did that just come from the lamp?” He laughed.

“I think it did,” I replied, shocked. “I think it said, you have one wish left.” I touched the lampshade again. Nothing.

“Well,” said Howard, “you might as well make a wish! Nothing to lose, right?”

“That’s true,” I replied, chuckling. “Ok. Uh. Hmm. I wish for…

Story Endings


Never ending wishes 🌌

Aug 29

I wish for the best life eva!!!!!!

Aug 25

A penguin butler that will do anything and everything I want

Aug 19

a pet penguin. But suddenly a penguin popped out of the lamp. “Your wish is granted!!” replied the penguin.

Aug 17

‘I wish for a pet, that loves me, and stays with me for eva!!!!!’

Aug 12

I wish for infinite - ♾ wishes it was stormy around howard his wish was granted

Aug 11

more air. But a penguin was actually pretending to be the genie in the lamp. So, we went to school. The End.

Aug 10

for 10 more wishes

Aug 09

A cat

Aug 08

To live a happy life!

Aug 07

I wish for a unicorn to come up so that I can ride it whenever I want. And it will teleport anywhere I want at any time I want. And it will never ever go away, never ever get old, stay cute forever, and listen to whatever I say.

Aug 07


Aug 04

PART 2 __“Rule number 2 no killing anyone. And rule number three no other impossible wishes like Flying unicorns or like you said World peace I mean you can make other wishes to try to make it happen but you can’t strait up wish for it. So what it gonna be kids? I started to pace on the sidewalk, Howard just standing their with his mouth open wide. “Yes! I thought of the Perfect wish! I wish– just as I start to give my wish a Black Tesla came rushing towards me “Get out of the way!” Howard yells. But I didn’t hear him and The Car was rapidly rushing towards me! “Oh poop!” the car stop about two inches in front of me. “You’re wish is my command” The genie says Wait what no I didn’t wish for that!” Just that second a pig pile of poop land in front of me THE END

Aug 04

I close my eyes…“think, think, think, anything in the world” I say aloud…I open my eyes and look at Howard. “What do you want?” I look deeply at Howard for an answer. “Well world peace would be nice” Howard replied “That’s genius!” I cried “I wish for World peace!” Howard exclaimed.”Whoa Whoa Whoa Hold your horses” Exclaimed the voice inside the lamp.”I forgot to mention the RULES, yes yes you’re probably like: all powerful genie with rules, rules are for school rules are boring. Ya ya but RULES ARE RULES. The genie popped out of the lamp her Black eyes peering at me and Howard. She was more human like than I thought with olive skin and dark hair with a streak of purple in a tight ponytail. Surprisingly she was wearing human style clothes: A Purple and blue marbled jumpsuit. As the mist following her faded away I glanced at Howard and noticed his face in awe. “Rule number 1 no wishing for people to come back from the dead not gonna happen NEVER gonna happen. TO BE CONTINUED

Aug 04


Aug 04

a butterfly pet

Aug 04

A cute pink unicorn.

Aug 03

1,000,000,000 wishes.

Aug 01

I wish for a big house and a big car and a sheep and a farm.

Jul 31

Unlimited wishes. Then i would wish for anything :)

Jul 30

I wish for 100 more wishes.

Jul 29