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Turn the Dial

You will never believe what happened to me last week.

I was visiting my friend at her house and we decided to go into the attic to see if we could find anything interesting.  

“Whoa, that’s a really old TV,” I laugh. “I’ve never seen one so bulky.”

“I know,” my friend replies. “I have no idea why my parents are keeping that thing. I don’t even think it works.”

“Should we try it?” I suggest. “There’s an outlet for a plug right there.”

My friend plugs in the television.

“How do we turn it on?” I ask.

“I think you have to turn that big dial,” she says, pointing to a knob beside the screen.

I reach over and take hold of the dial and turn it one click to the right.

We could not believe what happened next… 

What happens next? Time to get creative!
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Story Endings


A shark came flying from the moon exploded the house started to levataite Mars came crashing down then the sun started to talk

Jul 27

A flying cat flew out of the tv and our neighbors car exploded😂

Jul 26

The gravity flipped upside down! We were tumbling all all across the ceiling, and we couldn’t reach the TV. The TV was plugged in so it was still staying quite close to the ground, but a few minutes later after constant pulling, gravity won and the TV came to us. However it was coming to us at 9.8m/s, so it missed us but tore a hole in the roof and kept going up into the sky. Meanwhile, my friends parents were calling for help and what was happening, and we told them we turned on an old TV and gravity switched around. But just then the ground was falling apart because of the gravity and everything was going to space! The houses were falling apart, Aeroplanes crashing into cars, people losing their balance and falling out(and then up). But all of a sudden, the gravity switched! Just as we were coming closer to the ground we were slowing down, but at a very safe speed! Then everything went back to normal. Our memories were wiped of what happened, and the TV didn’t do anything.

Jul 22
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