Story Starters

Beyond the Bench

Valentina had never cleaned behind that bench under the window in her room. Today was the day! She asked her brother Mateo to help her move it.

“Whoa! That’s where my fox socks went!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, definitely smells like them,” Mateo teased, pinching his nose while sweeping.

There was a thicker piece of paper stuck to the wall and Valentina pulled at it, but it wouldn’t budge. Mateo tried to pull it too. The paper began to shift when they heard a CRAAAACK sound. The wall came apart leaving a large hole.

The siblings looked into the darkness and saw a small creature scurrying away!

“FINALLY!” it squeaked. “I’ve been trapped here for such a long time!”

Valentina and Mateo looked closer to see who was speaking. To their surprise it was a…

What happens next? Time to get creative!
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Story Endings


JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 26

Mythical creature no one has seen before, it looks like a cheetah mixed with a griffin. Valentina and Mateo where so surprised they had no words. “Hello people, my name is Crystal and I have been trapped there for almost 1000 years!” Said Crystal. “What are you?” Said Valentina still shocked what was happening. “Well people I’m a cheetah mix with a griffin, haven’t you seen them here?” Asked crystal. “No one on earth has seen yet.” Said Mateo. “Oh no, my mythical home town is gone! Or is it in this room somewhere? Children can you give me your names?” Said crystal going and siting Valentina egg chair. “Why do you want our names” asked Mateo. “Us cheegriffens that’s what we call ourself it’s the cheetah griffin mix name, anyway we can tell where our home is if we now the name of the people who live in this house” said crystal. “Well my name is Valentina and this is my brother Mateo.” Said Valentina but she said that Mateo dissent want to help any more so he left. Story will continue

Jul 25

little bunny in a fox costume

Jul 24
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