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Dead End

My friend Wei and I were spending time together at a cottage. We loved swimming, going on nature walks and playing board games indoors.

I had begged my parents to allow me to bring a friend to the cottage for this last weekend of summer. When they said yes, I immediately phoned Wei, and he was thrilled to come.

Now we were walking down the side of a long, dusty road. Not a car (or soul) in sight. We were talking about the upcoming school year, gossiping about some of the teachers at our school.

We approached the end of the road and saw a yellow sign: Dead End.

There were also some old, rusty signs pointing toward two dirt nature trails.

“Well,” said Wei. “Looks like our options are Monster Valley to the left and Throwback Trail to the right.”

“We could always just turn around,” I replied.

“Where’s the fun in that?” replied Wei. “Come on, left or right?” 

What happens next? Time to get creative!
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Story Endings


I said to the the left and we went and the monster valley was not a monster valley where there was monsters but a library and they read and took some books and went back to go to the cottage.

Jun 21

I said left then Wei said let’s go to the left! When we just started going to left a little tiny brown stuff for green blobby stuff? I said what’s that Wei said yeah? we went closer and closer we saw a little dot on the blobby stuff, We saw another little dot, then we saw A humongous mouth then we ran to the blobby guy The blobby monster had Bring us behind him then he opened his humongous mouth and got closer to us we had jumped over him and we said maybe when we went to the wrong way we rush to the right way and in the right way there was a very very very fun indoor park! And they are so happy!😁😃😄😆

Jun 17

“Right” I said. “Great,lets go!”he cried. TEN MINUTES LATER “Wei,I dont think we should be down here. I feel like we arent alone.Maybe we should turn around?” “No” Just then,I felt a firm push from behind, knocking me to the ground. “Seline!” I heard a dull thud,a pain to my head,a scream,and everything went black.

                      BY JUNE 19
Jun 15
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