Story Starters

Dead End

My friend Wei and I were spending time together at a cottage. We loved swimming, going on nature walks and playing board games indoors.

I had begged my parents to allow me to bring a friend to the cottage for this last weekend of summer. When they said yes, I immediately phoned Wei, and he was thrilled to come.

Now we were walking down the side of a long, dusty road. Not a car (or soul) in sight. We were talking about the upcoming school year, gossiping about some of the teachers at our school.

We approached the end of the road and saw a yellow sign: Dead End.

There were also some old, rusty signs pointing toward two dirt nature trails.

“Well,” said Wei. “Looks like our options are Monster Valley to the left and Throwback Trail to the right.”

“We could always just turn around,” I replied.

“Where’s the fun in that?” replied Wei. “Come on, left or right?” 

Story Endings


left! ok! we drove and drove until we found a cave. lets go in! Wei be continued.

Aug 31

“Ummmm…….let’s go right. “ I said. “That goes to Monster Valley” Wei replied. “Lets go!” A strange feeling went into me. I really wanted to go back home. But I followed Wei anyway. It got mistier and mistier. Breathing in from your mouth was like taking a little drink. Suddenly, something moved in the dark mist. A giant monster stepped out, roaring. Then he said,”You are not allowed here! Only ghosts and monsters are allowed!” He picked Wei and I in his hands and squeezed us. I felt as if my bones were gonna crush to powder. Then, everything went dark. I had passed out. When I woke up, I was lying outside the front door our cottage with Wei. My bones still felt crushed, but I went inside with Wei anyway. “I wonder what happened” I said to Wei when we were alone. “Yeah, I think we should keep it a secret and write a book about it so that we won’t forget” replied Wei. “Yeah, we can call it ‘Monster Valley’” I said. We laughed and ran to get papers and pens. THE END

Aug 29

Let’s go right to Throwback Trail. When we in in there the air started

pushing us backward. The air was so strong that it pushed us right

tour cottage. We were totally scared so we slept. THE END!

Aug 24
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