Story Starters

Future Glasses

Meilin had everyday glasses, but she also owned a special pair of spectacles. She had found them at a clothing swap that her mom had taken her to at a community centre gym. Normally, Meilin disliked these events. While other people were trading clothing, she could never find anything she liked.

On this day, however, she saw a forest-green box with a few pairs of glasses in it. One particular pair stood out—the ones with the purple frames. She tried them on and was surprised that they fit so well. She looked around, noticing that the prescription seemed to match her eyes.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed some movement and turned to see an old lady trip on another woman’s bags that were blocking the aisle. The older lady fell to the ground, grabbing her knee in pain. Meilin blinked and time seemed to go backwards. The older lady got up, the bags returned to their place in the aisle and then she walked backwards up the aisle. Once she got to the beginning of the aisle, time began at the regular pace. It was like someone had pressed the rewind button on a video!

Meilin could see that the older lady would trip again, so she swapped for the glasses and hurried over to where the accident had occurred earlier. She politely asked the other woman to move her bags out of the aisle. Once the older lady had walked by safely, Meilin breathed a sigh of relief.

By the end of the three-hour clothing swap, Meilin had also helped a little boy who had gotten lost, and prevented a basketball from the other side of the gym from hitting a clothing swapper.

On Monday, Meilin wore her glasses to school and …

Story Endings


…she saw the whole class without glasses! She was worried she might be made fun of so she quickly went to her seat and took them out and putted it in her backpack before anyone noticed. Then a new student came who she completely forgotten about also she was wearing glasses. Meilin was shocked though so she didn’t wanted her to feel bad about so she took out her glasses and wore then Meilin said “Hi welcome!” and she went to sit beside her. The end.

Sep 02

saw that there would be a big fire in the school and the water sprinklers are dry and reported that to the principal and outside the school but nothing happened so the principal said that they make you think that it’s real but no it’s not so from now on she does not in them

Aug 23

Something strange happened! Once she got to class, she just stood there, saying nothing which she had never done. She completely forgot everyone, and she also didn’t remember anything. “Hi Mom.” She said to her teacher named Ms. Peggie. That was very odd. She did more weird stuff in class. When it was math class, she just stared in the classes and laughed at the pair of glasses Ms. Peggie was wearing and snatched it and wore it and she became normal. But then Ms. Peggie starting becoming weird and everyone grabbed their things and they never went to that school again, but they would home school. The End.

Aug 16
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