Story Starters

Midnight Flight

Jojo had never been on a night flight home, but there he was, sitting next to Lolo Ben. They were returning from a trip to the Philippines and on their way home to Vancouver. At 11:55 p.m., the captain turned on the seatbelt sign.

“This is the captain speaking, we will be hitting some turbulence soon. Please ensure your seatbelts are fastened. We will have to avoid the storm ahead.”

At 11:57 p.m., the plane started bumping up and down, and Jojo’s stomach did a flip-flop. This went on for a few minutes before they hit an air pocket and the plane bumped a bit harder. He grabbed Lolo Ben’s hand, and his grandpa looked at him with a smile. “We’re okay, Jojo!”

As soon as he said those words, the turbulence stopped. Jojo adjusted his glasses and noticed his watch had hit midnight. The plane seemed to coast more calmly. The captain’s voice came on the speakers. “Due to the storm, we had to take a detour. We will be landing shortly.”

Jojo and Lolo Ben looked through the window, just as the plane flew through a cluster of clouds and suddenly there was sunlight. How was it possible for the sun to shine so brightly at midnight?

Jojo pressed his face to the window with disbelief. How was this possible?

They were landing in a place where giant … 

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Story Endings


monsters and trolls were eating people!the poor kids jut fond out that the pilot was a tromonster too

Jun 23

trees circled a small area, as if it was some sort of campground. The plane landed safely so Jojo and Lolo Ben decided to look around as they knew it would take a while to go back home. They went to the little spot and Jojo stopped wide eyed…

Half the moonlight had shown but the rest was replaced by sunlight, it was sawed right in half. All of a sudden Jojo blinked and everything began to morph right in front of him, Lolo Ben disappeared and everything was gone it was just a mountain of sand.

He blinked again and he was home. To this day he still has no answers and Lolo Ben says they never even went on that plane.

Jun 19

trees live. The plane’s engines failed before landing and the trees made landing difficult. The plane broke on impact. (numbers randomly generated) The people used math to calculate the amount of energy required to power the plane again. There was an energy source and they got to their desired location.

Jun 18
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