My big brother bought a new car, and when we got inside for the first time, we noticed a setting that said UP Mode. He flipped the switch, and suddenly the car stretched and groaned. We heard a loud pop, and then it lifted into the air!

I held onto my seatbelt as my stomach flip-flopped. My brother’s eyes grew wide, and he laughed in excitement.

Up, up, we went, until …

Story Endings


A hot air balloon came flying at us from the future! My brother jumped into the hot air balloon with a delighted smile. He had a great time flying to the future and going to the mall. He bought a computer made out of ice but it never melted. The buttons even pressed! The keyboard also had letters because it was a robot ice computer! The robot said to take his hand and to take him back to the past. They found an emerald on the way back to the hot air balloon. Then they found a happy cat who loved to play and dance. The only problem was it was an evil cat!!! Then they brought the cat back to the past and to their house. The robot left when they found the cat. The cat cast a spell on the house when they were sleeping. The house was now invisible! They could t even see where they were sleeping because they couldn’t see the house only the floor was visible. The house broke down and then they noticed that they realized the cat was evil so they sent back.

Sep 02

it started happing to everything and they all started living in the sky.

Aug 28

We landed on the moon! We did not know how to get down, but a tribe of aliens came and said, “can we help you?” so we explained to them about our problum. The king of the aliens set a spell on us and we went down, down, down. “thank you!’ we yelled to the aliens. We landed where we started. Whew! What a ride!

Aug 27
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