My big brother bought a new car, and when we got inside for the first time, we noticed a setting that said UP Mode. He flipped the switch, and suddenly the car stretched and groaned. We heard a loud pop, and then it lifted into the air!

I held onto my seatbelt as my stomach flip-flopped. My brother’s eyes grew wide, and he laughed in excitement.

Up, up, we went, until …

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Story Endings


the sun was so close that the car melted

Jun 24

soon we almost were in space as the car ran out of gas we dropped out of the sky soon we were panicking then it was then a secret compartment in the car opened it said on the lable parachutes only for severe emergencies . we quickly grabbed one each and opened the door of the car and jumped out soon we were back in mississauga the came crashing down a few seconds after as we told everyone that it would crash people panicked like there life as going to end which it would if they did not move a few people got cuts, scrapes ,and bruises and only one person got seriosly injured (which was a broken arm) as people were relived they never made a car like that again they burned my brothers car to the ground and was never to be seen on up switch on a car ever again THE END

Jun 23

we landed on the moon! Luckily, in the trunk there was a blow up roket and 2 space suits. We pulled on our suits and got in the ship and went
back home.


Jun 23
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