Story Starters

Your Mythical Creature

In the TD Summer Reading Club notebook, there are instructions to draw your very own mythical creature. After completing your drawing, put your creature into a story in this section.

You’ll need to give your creature a name and then think of an adventure it can have.

Don’t have the TD Summer Reading Club notebook? No problem! Grab a piece of paper, draw a mythical creature, and put it into action in a story. 

Story Endings


mines a dragon named Emma. we have done a cloud adventure. We got to meet the cloud queen and king. She said we could come anytime and have another amazing dinner just like last night we stay and had fun so much that we even stayed over night and left early morning and by the time we got home all we were thinking about is our amazing adventure The end!!!!

Sep 02

My mythical pet is a wolf. Her name is Roxy. She’s black with a little magenta glow on her legs and mouth. She likes diamonds. One day it was her birthday. I got her a magenta Diamond collar. She liked it. The end

Aug 29

Helen is a 10 year old gryphon, the daughter of Zeus’ pair of gryphons Lilly and Birch. Helen’s parents pull Zeus’ wife’s golden sky chariot. Helen does not want to be like her parents, she wants to live free with other gryphons. She reads a book about gryphons and it says they live on the exotic Land of Persia. She leaves a note to her parents that says “I’m going to go find Persia so I can live with other gryphons”. Helen flies half of the way. It starts to rain and she cannot fly any further. She walks on foot all the way to the mountains. It stopped raining and now she can fly over the mountains. She finds Persia and she lives happily ever after.

Aug 27
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