Story Starters

Your Mythical Creature

In the TD Summer Reading Club notebook, there are instructions to draw your very own mythical creature. After completing your drawing, put your creature into a story in this section.

You’ll need to give your creature a name and then think of an adventure it can have.

Don’t have the TD Summer Reading Club notebook? No problem! Grab a piece of paper, draw a mythical creature, and put it into action in a story. 

What happens next? Time to get creative!
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Story Endings


A cat loves cookies and flowers. Everyone loved her. And then one person adopted her and they spent every day together. THE END.

Jun 23

But then one day he went to a fan store and a fan dog came and said oh my … GOSH you are icy the ice dog I’m a big FAN of you! Really said icy? Yes said fanna! But what are you doing all alone? Asked fanna I have no friends said icy. Huh but why don’t you have friends? Asked fanna because everyone hates me said icy well I don’t hate you said fanna you know what I will be your first friend! Said fanna wow nobody wanted to be my friend before! Said icy my name is fanna cool name said icy let’s do an ICEBREAKER! Said icy okay said fanna what do we have in common? Asked icy hey we both have a funny place to be in I’m in a fan and you in a.. wait what where is your ice cream cone?? Said fanna I don’t have it anymore said icy well I’ll get you a new one! Said fanna come on let’s go to the park and talk some more said icy! Race you there! Said fanna. and that’s how icy made a friend so if you ever feel scared to make a friend be confident about yourself.


Jun 23

Once Upon A time a dog got trapped in an ice-cream cone, later a human found it and name him George, George was a prestigious dog, he only ate ice-cream and hated everyone, so everyone hated him back, one day he got very sad so he left his ice-cream never to be seen again.

Jun 22
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