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Fortune Cookie

Every Friday night, Marcus’s family would order takeout food. They took turns picking a local restaurant. This Friday, it was his little sister Kara’s turn to pick. She chose the nearby Chinese restaurant. Marcus ordered chicken balls with rice.

When Marcus finished eating the last of the rice on his plate, he stood up to bring his empty plate to the counter by the sink.

“Hey, don’t forget about the fortune cookies, Marcus!” his mother said.

“Oh yeah,” thought Marcus—the fortune cookies. The fortunes were always so lame. Most of the time they didn’t even make sense. But his family always made a big deal out of them.

Kara went first. She read it silently and laughed. Then she read it aloud: “Mine says, You will live long enough to open many more fortune cookies.”

Everyone laughed except Marcus.

“I’ll go next,” said his mom excitedly. “You will be hungry again in one hour.” This time Marcus couldn’t help but chuckle.

You will be a superstar karaoke singer,” his dad screamed out. “They know me too well!” he giggled.

Marcus cracked open his cookie and pulled out the little slip of paper. He read it silently. “Marcus, do not read this out loud. Tomorrow, go to the backyard. Take three large steps past the juneberry tree and then one step to the right. Dig a hole 2 metres deep. Don’t tell anyone about this.”

“What does it say, Marcus?” Kara asked.

“Oh, um, it says, “Good things come to those who wait,” He lied.

The next day was Saturday. Marcus woke up at 7 a.m. while everyone was still sleeping. He went to the garage, grabbed a shovel, and headed to the backyard…


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Submissions are now closed.

Please visit us again in 2019 for more summer reading fun!


He got preety curious so he did as the fortune has told him to. However, when he did the first step,he found an old pot. But this was not a normal pot, it can speak! Suprising huh!

Aug 25

and dug a hole were the cookie said to, once he started to dig somthing pulled on his leg then all of a sudden he fell right into the earth…

Aug 25

and diged diged and diged he found another fortune cockie and it said…WANT TO BE A PIRAT and he said ofcours i do that was his wish for his bithday every one lived happily ever after

Aug 25
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