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The Best Thing Ever

Rajnie, Francis, and Rafael are at their local mall after school on a Friday when they decide to watch a movie.

When the movie finishes, they decide to walk around the mall again. They notice that the mall is extremely quiet and wonder why there are no other people around. They try to exit the mall, but find that the door is locked. They try another exit, but that too is locked. They walk around the mall searching for other exits, but then all of a sudden they realize that they are trapped in the mall!

“Eeee! This is the best thing ever!!!” Rajnie squeals with excitement.

Rafael replies…

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Submissions are now closed.

Please visit us again in 2019 for more summer reading fun!


Wait, What! Why are you thinking that? We cant go home to our loving families, spend time with them, And other stuff! Francis says: Wo wo wo wo, Guys! Calm down, we can work this out,. Then, they used crowbars they found to get out, then they went home, with Ragnie not remembering it.

Aug 27

“How do we get out?” Francis says. “What should we do to get out of here.” Then suddenly a spider bites Francis and Rajnie. They now have all the powers of the world. Rafael was sad. He said, “when do I get powers?” The girls said, “A spider bit us and now we can get out of here with super strength!” Boom, crash, kaboom! The girls and Rafael got out and since then they have been protecting each other. The end.

Aug 21

“are you crazy, we can’t go home.” They all ran from store to store looking for things that could help them get out. Then they say this portal and went through. The knows what happens.

Aug 21
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