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The Game of Life

After school on a Friday, Jenna and Calvin are playing their favourite video game. Jenna hits a button on the video game controller when all of a sudden Calvin disappears. She continues to play the game and notices that Calvin is in the video game! 

Jenna then…

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Submissions are now closed.

Please visit us again in 2019 for more summer reading fun!


gets stuck too. They get stuck in there for 6 weeks. A mysterious someone found the video game. He turned it on. He played the video game. Jenna’s sister found the mysterious someone. The end

Sep 03

Chapter 1 -freaked out. She calmed herself down for a minute by assuming she left for the bathroom and she didn’t notice because she was too focused on the game, and they just happened to have an avatar that had the same appearance as Jenna’s friend. But that slowly drifted away when the bathroom was empty and Calvin didn’t answer when she called him. So Jenna played a game of twister to keep her mind off the whole incident, but it was just too much for a 15 year old girl like Jenna. So Jenna hurried over to her parents to tell them what had happened. “I think you’ve been playing to many video games”, her mother told her daughter, and her father thought she was CRAZY!!! Jenna felt so guilty, and her parents not believing her made her feel even more gloomy. A tear fell from Jenna’s face and hit the wooden floor under her feet, just as Jenna saw a flashing light. It was orange, just like Calvin’s favorite color. So Jenna lifted the controller and the light became brighter and brighter…

Sep 01

play’s as him until she gets to level 9784563129 and then she gets stuck inside the video game and Jenna and Calvin popped in and out in and out until they did it 10,00000000000 times and got stuck inside the video game and then they saw a weird guy chanting welcome to the game of life. You each have three lives to get out of the game. If you used all three lives, you will be dead for real!

   If I get at least 5 likes, I will do part 2 of this!👍🏻
Aug 29
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