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BIG Trouble

I usually sleep in on Saturday mornings, so I thought it was weird when I looked over at my alarm clock and it was only 8 a.m.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. It sounded like giant footsteps walking outside. That must have been what woke me up.

Boom. Boom. BOOM. BOOM!

Whatever was walking down the street was getting closer. I ran over to look out my window.

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Story Endings


the noise got louder and louder i got so scared. i ran to the corner of my room. after i got enough strength i look back and saw i wasn’t a person…

it was a broken old fashion car

Jul 17

it was 9 feet tall what?! impossible ‘‘mom, mom, MOM!!!!’’ yes, sweetie, a big head poked through the window mom?

Jul 16

When I looked outside there was a gigantic cat. He was terrifying every one but I knew exactly what to do… I went outside to the giant cat and… I GAVE HIM SNUGLES!!! And OMG he was so fluffy, he just laid down beside me and fell asleep purring. I gave him a couple of cat treats to show him I was a friend, then I had a great idea. I ran home and brought my mom and dad to see the cat and asked them if I could keep him. I love cats and always wanted one so yea. To my parents the decision was clear. They said well why not! who could resist this cutie! So now I have the best pet ever!

                           THE END!         
Jul 16
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