Story Starters


Secret in the Garden

“Hurry up, Max!” Jules yelled. “The faster we dig, the faster we get pizza. I’m already hungry.”

Max and Jules had agreed to spend Saturday morning digging the garden to get it ready for the planting season. As soon as they finished, their mom had promised a pizza lunch—it was a fair trade-off, they thought. But just an hour into digging, Max was feeling tired.

“I’m working as fast as I can!” Max yelled back.

Max gripped his shovel tighter and dug deep. His shovel moved through the soil. Crack!

“What on earth was that?” thought Max. “Hey, Jules, I think I hit something!” he shouted.

“It’s probably just a rock,” Jules said. “Just keep going.”

Max continued to dig carefully. A round, white object slowly emerged.

“Jules, it’s not a rock!” he exclaimed. “It’s like…a big, round white thing.”

Jules walked over to look. They resumed digging around the object. The top of the object became clearer.

“It’s an egg!” Jules shouted. They continued to dig until finally, they could reach down and remove the egg from the soil.  

Holding the gigantic egg, the boys were mesmerized. It was as big as a soccer ball!

“Oh, no,” Max said, pointing to a small crack in the top of the egg. “I must have cracked it with my shovel.”

Ever so slowly, the crack started to expand.

“Something’s hatching!” Jules shouted. He gently placed the egg back on the soil and they took a few steps back.

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Story Endings


The most cute thing hatched! “Hi! My name is Alicia, and I am a resec. That’s a type of magical creature, like me. We can talk like humans, And predict the future. And, I know that my mother, Natalie, has lost her magic wand! You kids must help me!” So Jules and Max agreed to help Alicia. They did it for 2 reasons. 1. They were nice. 2. They couldn’t resist Alicia’s cuteness. After 1 week, the trio found Alicia’s mother. After 8 and a half years, they found the wand. Natalie was joyed. So was Jules, Max, and Alicia. The end.

Aug 28

The most cute thing hatched! “Hi! My name is Clover! I need your help! My mom lost her magic wand! I am a very rare and magical creature! I need your help, and the reason I know, when I’m just born, is, well, I’m magical.” So they found the mom, and found the magic wand, 7 years later.

Aug 27

Inside there was a chick the chick was as big as Jules hand, the chick said mama mama then Jules let it go and the chick walked toward the hole then the chick started to dig and the Max and Jules saw a nest very deep in to the ground and then Jules saw more chicks but they were bigger then this chick they saw and then the chicks stared being mean to the smaller chick then the chick walked over to a tree and then the chick saw his mother in the nest the chick said mama mama and then his mother saw the chick she became happy and told the chick to fly up to the nest the chick could not fly so Jules put the chick in the nest and then lots of chicks hatched from the eggs and now the chick was bigger then all the other chicks!

Aug 25
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