Story Starters



This all started as a prank gone terribly wrong.

My brother always acts like a fool when we hang out with his friend Corey, especially when we’re at the cottage together. So I should have known something was weird when they told me to get out of the canoe to see if the tiny island we were passing had a blackberry bush. They said they’d wait for me. As soon as I reached land, I heard them laughing like hyenas, paddling away as fast as they could.

I’ve now been here for a whole hour, alone on this tiny island, which by the way, doesn’t have blackberries.

I’m sure my brother and Corey will come back for me soon. But I’m so mad that I’d rather not even get back in the canoe with them.

And then it came to me. I can get back to the cottage myself and get my revenge on my brother.

I smiled, got up, and started to put my plan into action…

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Story Endings


There was somebody in a boat and I asked him to take me to my brother he said yes, then when I got there I went into the house to talk to my brother, my brother said he was sorry that he leaved you behind and then I told mom and she put my brother on a time out.( No video games or computer for 1000000 years).+TV.

Aug 26

So I swam back to shore and made sure I was looking like I was I was panicking. I wanted Mom & Dad to come to my rescue so that my brother would learn his lesson and never do that again.

Aug 23

I started by looking everywhere to make sure,then I was ready.I saw other people in a canoe and a kid in one of the canoes.I asked him to borrow it,and he said he doesn’t want it anymore.I happily grabbed the paddle,but I thought of something,I should scare him first,when I’m on my way back.When I was thinking of how to scare him,the kid told me that her mom might need it tomorrow,so,he is coming.I agreed.I made big footprints,and with his help,we took all of sand and made a”Bigfoot”statue to scare him.When we were finished,I think I saw them coming!”Quick!”I said,and we hoped on the canoe and left.I don’t know what will happen,so I went to find the kid.When he was back,he looked really happy.He told me that they were hugging each other,shouting:”Help!”.I was delighted!After a hour,he came back,and my mom was very angry at him.I was really happy in my heart.The plan really worked! The End!

Aug 20
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