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The End of a Rainbow

From the porch of their grandmother’s house, Sarah and Alexandra watched as the rain storm gradually came to an end.

They loved playing soccer in the front yard. Alexandra played goalie between the two front yard trees, which served as posts for their net, while Sarah practiced shooting.  

“The grass is still too wet to play,” Sarah said. “Let’s wait a while.”

“Yeah,” Alexandra agreed. They sat back in their chairs and watched as the grey clouds made way for blue sky. The sun came out.

“Look, a rainbow’s forming!” Sarah shouted.

“Cool!” Alexandra exclaimed.

“Did you know that it’s impossible to find the end of a rainbow?” said Sarah.

“That can’t be right.” Alexandra replied. “Look,” she continued, pointing far into the distance, “you can see that the rainbow comes to an end somewhere over there.”

“That’s just an optical illusion. It doesn’t actually end, I think,” Sarah replied.

“Only one way to find out!” Alexandra said, as she leaped down and began running across the front yard. Sarah jumped off her chair to run after her sister.

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Story Endings


Then Alexander and her sister ran to the end of the rainbow and found a rainbow making Centaur(a half man, half horse creature), the Centaur looked at them with anger, Alexandra said “Alright, I bet 100 dollars that you won’t talk to the Centaur.” Then Sarah replied “I bet 200 you won’t talk to the Centaur.” Right after they finish the Centaur took out his sword and said “who are you?” The girls said “i’m Alexandra, and i’m Sarah!” The Centaur invited them into his house. They played a lot of games like hide and seek until dawn, the girls said “it’s time to go home.” The Centaur said “ride on my rainbow and i’ll send you home!” Then the girls hopped on and they went home just in time for their mom’s homemade cookies!

Jul 16

A duck was guarding a pot of carrots at the end of the rainbow. And the duck was also washing the carrots at the end of the rainbow. There was no pot of gold, only carrots.

Jul 16

They were walking for a really long time until saw a mountain.They climbed up the mountain and saw that at the bottom of the mountain there was a stream of light.They walked down the mountain and finally found the light they stepped on it and Alexandra said,This must be the beginning of the rainbow!Then Sarah said,No, there is no such thing as a beginning or an end of a rainbow!What do you bet!Said Alexandra.I bet 40 bucks!Said Sarah.Okay,then I bet 120!Said Alexandra.Then Sarah Said, I’ll bet 350!!!Okay.Said Alexandra.Then they walked up a rainbow hill until it was to steep to walk down.Time to slide to the bottom.Said Alexandra.3,2,1,SLIDE!Down we go!!!!Said Alexandra.Ugh!That was a hard landing!Said Sarah.Look a pot of gold!See end of a rainbow!Said Alexandra.No just fake gold!Said Sarah.Look up!Said Alexandra and they both saw a rainbow.Okay,I guess your right.Now lets go home.Said Sarah.Then they walked home and once they got there Sarah gave Alexandra her 300 bucks.

Jul 16
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