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The End of a Rainbow

From the porch of their grandmother’s house, Sarah and Alexandra watched as the rain storm gradually came to an end.

They loved playing soccer in the front yard. Alexandra played goalie between the two front yard trees, which served as posts for their net, while Sarah practiced shooting.  

“The grass is still too wet to play,” Sarah said. “Let’s wait a while.”

“Yeah,” Alexandra agreed. They sat back in their chairs and watched as the grey clouds made way for blue sky. The sun came out.

“Look, a rainbow’s forming!” Sarah shouted.

“Cool!” Alexandra exclaimed.

“Did you know that it’s impossible to find the end of a rainbow?” said Sarah.

“That can’t be right.” Alexandra replied. “Look,” she continued, pointing far into the distance, “you can see that the rainbow comes to an end somewhere over there.”

“That’s just an optical illusion. It doesn’t actually end, I think,” Sarah replied.

“Only one way to find out!” Alexandra said, as she leaped down and began running across the front yard. Sarah jumped off her chair to run after her sister.

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Story Endings


they ran and ran and ran they they stoped collapsing on the ground panting they looked up and saw that they were Close to the end of the rainbow so they got up and started walking then they abruptly stoped because they were at the end of the rainbow “ ther is a end to the rainbow “ said Alexandra.” I guess we found out “said Sarah

Sep 02

they ran around for about 2 hours. but finally they found it. there was a note by it. the note said: whoever finds this note will be king or queen of England. but England is at the other side of the world! said Sarah. how are we going to get there? asked Alexandra. I don’t know. said Sarah. just then the grass opened beneath them. its a trap door! Sarah shouted. when they got to the end of the trap door they walked for miles in a really, really dark tunnel. then they came to a place wear you had to turn left or right. they chose left. they walked for another hour. they were finally in England! then two people crowned them queen and princess of England! Sarah was queen and Alexandra was princess. THE END.

Aug 28

Alexandra keep running and started singing “Somewhere over the rainbow. . .” The rainbow became more brighter and she was able to jump up on it. She started sliding down it super fast. There was sparkling white door at the end and she slide threw it. Sarah saw the rainbow vanish and couldn’t see her sister anymore. Sarah thought out loud “Had my sister actually made it to the end?” Sarah never saw her sister again. But when she saw a rainbow she thought she could hear her sister’s voice singing. . .”Somewhere over the rainbow…” in the air.

Aug 27
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