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An air of celebration filled the town as everyone gathered at Perri Puff’s Bake Shop for a special announcement. The crowd bristled with excitement.

Perri Puff the Baker stood on a stage in front of the shop, alongside the Mayor who wore her finest formal clothes, bright red mayoral sash and shiny bronze medallion. Both of them looked like proud peacocks. Just behind them was a huge object covered by a golden tarp. Actually, it was more than huge. It was enormous. No, it was GIGANTIC! It stood higher than the bake shop itself and wider than the purple tour bus that drove around the town every day.

Ten seconds before noon, Perri Puff and the Mayor each grabbed hold of one side of the tarp. Everyone counted down: “Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…ONE!”

Perri Puff and the Mayor pulled hard and the golden tarp fell away to reveal a huge, enormous, GIGANTIC donut! Every jaw in the crowd dropped with utter astonishment. It was magnificent! It was the biggest donut ever! The glossy sugar glaze glistened in the sun. The candy sprinkles, each the size of a hot dog, sparkled in all the colours of the rainbow. The delicious smell of warm, sweet dough made everyone drool.

A humongous cheer erupted through the crowd. People clapped and the band played. Everyone was so excited and so loud that the ground shook beneath their feet, and then the stage shook, and then the donut shook…and then the huge, enormous, GIGANTIC donut rolled off the stage!

The crowd parted as the donut rolled onto the street.

Perri Puff and the Mayor held each other in astonishment as the donut rolled away gaining speed. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to reveal it at the top of the town’s big hill.

The donut rolled faster and faster through the town and then…

Story Endings