Story Starters

Animal Antics

One Friday evening, the zookeeper unlocked the door to the gorilla enclosure and dropped down a case full of food. 

The gorillas hurriedly ran over to the food and feasted on cabbage, nuts, and tofu.

The zookeeper forgot to lock the door to the enclosure on her way out!

That night, when all the visitors and zookeepers were gone, a gorilla named Charles pushed opened the door to the enclosure.

The door opened and… 

Story Endings


all the gorillas escaped and ran around the zoo. The next day a little girl named Kiki came to the zoo and wanted to see the gorillas but they were all gone. Kiki was sad until her older brother Nicko had a plan. He put some food in the cage and all the gorillas went after the food. The gorillas were back in the zoo. the end

Aug 22

all the gorillas charged out and started banging on peoples doors and trying to climb the great wall of China!

Aug 19

the gorilla ran on the mountains all the way to the north part of the town. The next morning the zookeeper came to feed the gorillas when he noticed charles was gone! He worried and just thought he was being silly. He looked at the new york times and saw on the newsaper charles on it! Now he started worrying. He went looking for him but got stuck with a wolverine face to face. The wolerine was feeling angry so he chased the zookeeper all the way to the north part of the town

Then the zookeeper saw charles climbing a building. the zookeeper was shocked and went in the building and frantically pushing the highest floor button. He got the the top but charles didnt wanna be put in the zoo caged up.

The zookeeper felt bad and decided he would shut down the zoo and free all the animals in the wild and he did that. The end.

Aug 18
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