Story Starters

It's Raining Popcorn!

“Popcorn!” baby Jaylen had shouted as she woke up on Wednesday morning.

And would you believe it? It did, in fact, rain popcorn for 5 minutes on Wednesday afternoon. As the kernels rained down, it seemed like everyone in the town was outside, trying to collect as much of the popcorn as possible.

This was the third day in a row that something like this happened. It was all quite unbelievable. Each morning, Jaylen woke in her crib and shouted a word.

“Pretzels!”  the baby had shouted on Monday, and to everyone’s shock, it rained pretzels for 5 minutes on Monday afternoon.

“Chips!” she exclaimed on Tuesday, and chips fell from the sky on Tuesday afternoon.

After the third day, it seemed like every news outlet in the world was covering the story of baby Jaylen and the raining snacks.

But things took a dramatic turn on Thursday morning. Jaylen’s parents and sister stood around her crib as she tossed, turned, yawned, and then open her eyes.

Jaylen yelled…. 

Story Endings


Ice cream! Thursday afternoon there was a storm … an ice cream storm! There was all the flavours anyone could imagine, waffle cones came crashing down on roofs, down chimneys, on cars and everywhere. All the kids ate there way out the door. Then they built grape-nut snowmen and moon mist snow angles.

Friday, Jaylen woke up and yelled hot dogs and that afternoon dad barbecued hot dog for he whole neighbourhood!

The End!

Sep 05

“Cats and Dogs!” it actually rained cats and dogs! Some people kept them as a pet, some people moved towns because they were allergic!

Sep 01

she tried to yell but nothing came out of her mouth, she saw that her family were becoming food she was so scared she looked at her arms and they were CHICKEN!! she suddenly woke up, and… it was all a DREAM!!!

Aug 30
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