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It's Raining Popcorn!

“Popcorn!” baby Jaylen had shouted as she woke up on Wednesday morning.

And would you believe it? It did, in fact, rain popcorn for 5 minutes on Wednesday afternoon. As the kernels rained down, it seemed like everyone in the town was outside, trying to collect as much of the popcorn as possible.

This was the third day in a row that something like this happened. It was all quite unbelievable. Each morning, Jaylen woke in her crib and shouted a word.

“Pretzels!”  the baby had shouted on Monday, and to everyone’s shock, it rained pretzels for 5 minutes on Monday afternoon.

“Chips!” she exclaimed on Tuesday, and chips fell from the sky on Tuesday afternoon.

After the third day, it seemed like every news outlet in the world was covering the story of baby Jaylen and the raining snacks.

But things took a dramatic turn on Thursday morning. Jaylen’s parents and sister stood around her crib as she tossed, turned, yawned, and then open her eyes.

Jaylen yelled…. 

What happens next? Time to get creative!
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Story Endings


Jaylen yells, AHHHH ITS RAINING BLUE GUM BALLS. Everyone comes outside and camera rolls it. Lots of people watch it rain blue gum balls everyone had blue tongues from chewing on the gum but the next day everyone that chewed gum still had blue tongue… it’s has been 4 months now and everyone’s tongues are still blue! Everyone was scared for there tongues… all of the hospitals in the world were booked with the blue case!! None of the doctors figured out what to do until one day they found a scientist and the scientist got payed millions of dollars to fix their tongues. The scientists name was Scientist Coconuts and he was the only one in the world that knew how to cure it!!!! So he got payed billions of dollars! But he took the money and ran off… Someone went looking and found him locked up in a closet. She told everyone everything! The fake scientist dressed up as Scientist Coconuts and took the money and ran off to California! Mr. coconuts has cured the blue tongue case!

Jul 10

all of the words in capitals are done on purpose

“Candy!” Than all of a sudden from out of no where all types of candy came falling from the sky. It was a candy flood! Jaylen was jumping up and down. Jaylen’s parents and sister looked out of the window to see why Jaylen was jumping up and down.

This was getting ridiculous.

The next day when Jaylen woke up she yelled to the top of her lungs “FOOD!” So you know what she did all of the food you could think of came falling out of the sky. Jaylen’s sister and parents looked out the window and the was food EVERYWHERE and everyone in town looked out the window and they all had a feast! ~booklover4

Jul 10

“COOKIES!” And it started raining cookies🍪 Jaylen’s Mom said “We have to do something about this!” So the next morning Jaylen’s Dad went to see the Priminister. He said”Well if you don’t know what to do,then name the town something else!” “WHAT?!?!” Said Jaylen’s Dad.”Yep!” Said the Minister.”Let’s name it Jaylen’s Food ville!” So that afternoon,a sign that used to say “Mount Slating” said “Jaylen’s Food ville” From then on. THE END

Jul 10
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